US judge rules Apple in dispute with Epic Games

Apple and Epic Games, the publisher of the famous Fortnite game, are fighting a merciless battle.


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In its battle against Apple, Epic Games loses a round.

An American judge has just found the publisher of the famous survival shooter Fortnite wrong.

He denounces the “tyrannical” practices of the tech giant concerning iOS, Apple's operating system for mobile devices.

According to Epic Games, the commission levied by Apple on consumer transactions is too high.


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The battle began last August

when Epic Games tried to bypass Apple's payment system, and therefore the tax it levies on transactions.

Apple responds

by banning the Fortnite game from its store


The publisher believes that the commission paid to Apple is far too high.

A commission of 30%, a standard level in the industry, and which is used to ensure the proper functioning of the App Store and the safety of users, retorts Apple.

A California judge today agrees with the tech giant considering that Epic Games had broken the contract.

She did not want to force Apple to reinstall Fortnite, but does not rule out a lawsuit that could take place in July 2021. 

This time, Epic Games should join forces with Deezer and Spotify in particular.

A dozen companies gathered under the name of the "Coalition for equity between applications", which want to change the regulations on the application stores.

They accuse the operators of mobile platforms - mainly Apple and Google - of crushing the competition by promoting their own products.


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