The commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard - Major General Hossein Salami - accused the United States of launching an economic and psychological war on his country. In turn, the US "Bloomberg" network revealed that President Donald Trump's administration is considering imposing new sanctions on Tehran.

"There will be no war against Iran, and military options against it are no longer on the table, due to the military preparation and military capabilities of his country," Salami said during a speech in the Iranian parliament.

He added that those he described as enemies wage an economic and psychological war against Tehran, and this is the field of our war, to which we must give great importance, and make efforts to defeat the enemy in this economic war.

"The United States is an arrogant regime, and even if we reconcile with it, it will target us, and the issue of settlement with it is a political trick, so there must be resistance, and our people are ready for that," he said.

New sanctions For

its part, the American "Bloomberg" network revealed that the administration of President Donald Trump is considering imposing new sanctions on Iran, to separate its economy from the outside world.

It quoted 3 American officials as saying that "the proposal, which is still under review, aims to impose a complete ban on the Iranian financial sector."

She said that this step would lead to de facto isolation of Iran, at a time when its economy suffered heavy losses due to US restrictions.

The newspaper added that this plan, if adopted, would affect remittances to Iran, as well as the informal transfer system used in the Islamic world, known as hawala.

And reported, "Bloomberg", that the plan includes the blacklisting of 14 banks in Iran.