In a statement issued on Monday, the foreign ministries of Estonia, Sweden and Finland said that the countries would jointly assess “significant new information not previously reported” related to the sinking of the Estonian car ferry 26 years ago.

The new information comes from a recent series of documents produced by Discovery.

The series reveals that there is a hole on the side of the Estonian wreck that was not explained in previous investigations.

The opening was revealed when the authors of the documentary sent a robot camera to the wreck.

  • An excerpt from the documentary series can be seen in the video above.

    The series can be viewed in its entirety on Dplay.

The shape of the hole and its location on the starboard side of the ship are illustrated by the graphics below the IS.

The rupture is estimated to be about four meters high and about 1.2 meters wide (at its widest point).

The documentary shows how its director, Henrik Evertsson, followed with others the image conveyed by the wreck of the robotic camera.

- That's completely sunk in, the mouths of surprised documentaries are heard in the situation.

Screenshot of the observation in the Estonia - Revolutionary Discovery series.Image: Dplay

According to wreck expert Linus Andersson involved in the documentary, the opening in the Estonian side looks like collision damage.

Other experts speaking in the document also consider the damage possibly caused by an external force.

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However, it is unclear what caused the damage.

Jørgen Amdahl, a professor of marine technology at the Norwegian University of Technology, calculated that the maximum force required to cause the damage described by the robot camera would be around 500-600 tonnes.

All five episodes of the ESTONIA - Revolutionary Discovery documentary series can now be viewed on Dplay +.