China News Service, September 29th, title: Pain!

1 million people worldwide die from the new crown, this is the darkest moment for all mankind

  Author: Liu Chung Ho Road Man

  1 million people!

  In just a few months,

  In the no-smoke war of the new crown epidemic,

  1 million people worldwide,

  Paid the price of life.

Graphics: Wei Leichao, China News Service

  However, the heart-wrenching numbers are not fixed.

  The World Health Organization warned on September 18,

  The new coronavirus "has not disappeared",

  About 50,000 people are still killed every week.

  Crowded intensive care unit,

  Nowhere to put the remains,

  Wasteland full of graves...

  In many corners of the world,

  People suffering from the loss of their loved ones,

  The last grief was too late to ease,

  We must welcome the next parting.

  This long farewell,

  How long will it last?

Graphics: Wei Leichao, China News Service

["There will be more deaths in the future"]


  This disaster is coming fiercely,

  Nothing in the world is immune.

  The number of new crown cases that has gone up all the way,

  It keeps reminding people not to take it lightly.

  "Every half an hour,

  The body will be buried once.


  In March, in Bergamo, Italy,

  A member in charge of the cemetery said.

  Due to the large number of deaths, death procedures and other reasons,

  They had to close the cemetery,

  The church can only be temporarily expropriated to store corpses.

On September 10, the United States "Time" published the cover of the latest issue. The black background densely recorded the number of daily deaths in the United States from February 29 to September 8.

The picture is cut from the official website of Time magazine.

  Today, the new crown virus is in the United States,

  Killed 200,000 lives.

  In the 19 years since Time Magazine,

  The black frame cover is used for the first time,

  In the form of white letters on a black background,

  The 200,000 dead souls are presented in sadness,

  And labelled "American failure",

  Poke social pain points straight.

  India, the world's third-largest case of new crown deaths,

  Since September,

  Nearly 30,000 people have died from the new crown,

  In the past week,

  The average number of deaths per day,

  There are more than 1,000 people.

On July 23, local time, in Arequipa, Peru's second largest city, families of patients with new coronary pneumonia lined up to charge medical oxygen cylinders.

  Since reporting the first death from the new crown,

  As of the end of August,

  Peru has at least 7 people per hour on average,

  Passed away from the virus.

  This mysterious country in the South American continent,

  It has become the country with the highest per capita death rate from the new crown in the world.

  In the fight against the new crown epidemic,

  More than 1,300 medical workers in Mexico died at their jobs,

  Is global,

  The country with the most deaths among anti-epidemic medical personnel.

A nucleic acid tester in London, UK, collects biological samples from the subject through the car window.

China News Agency issued Gao Tianyin photo

  British Prime Minister Johnson said,

  The new crown epidemic is facing the world,

  The biggest crisis.

  Today, the epidemic is rebounding,

  If effective measures are not taken,

  There will be more deaths in the future.

On April 2, local time, Novi Sad, Serbia, medical staff took care of patients with new coronary pneumonia in the intensive care unit of the Vojvodina Clinical Center.

  1 million people worldwide have died from the new coronavirus,

  It is a frustrating "milestone".

  Nobody knows,

  The pace of the virus rushing,

  When will it stop.

On August 4, in a cemetery in Manaus, Brazil, relatives remembered the deceased of the new crown.

["They were one of us"]


  Family is broken, dreams stop,

  The new crown epidemic is like a knife,

  The hard-core memories it brings to people,

  Will never be erased.

  The son of Indian couple Raj Kishore and Suchana,

  Only one day after the new crown was diagnosed,

  Just died in the hospital.

  The parents who lost their son cried heartily,

  Beat the wall in disbelief,

  Always unacceptable.

  A few hours after the death of my son,

  They choose to end their lives and stay with their beloved son.

On August 31, local time, in Bell Island Park in Detroit, USA, a group of vehicles passed photos of the deceased from the new crown.

  American woman Janice’s fiance,

  Failed to defeat the new crown virus,

  Passed away in May,

  They had planned to get married this year.

  The closest person ever,

  Now I can only see things and think about people.

  She looked at his picture tenderly,

  "It's great to see his smile,

  This is what attracted me to him.


  David, an old British man who lost his wife in the epidemic,

  Launched an event——

  Put a "yellow love" sign on the window,

  He hopes to make everyone realize that

  The epidemic is to ordinary families,

  How big is the impact.

On April 8, local time, patients with new coronary pneumonia were undergoing an electrocardiogram in a hospital in Bagnolet near Paris, France.

  The number of deaths in the newspaper or on TV,

  Looks so pale,

  Many people can’t understand these numbers.

  That kind of grief.

  "They used to be one of us."

  The New York Times wrote.

Graphics: Wei Leichao, China News Service

["Be with every life"]


  The new crown virus has turned into "reaper's messenger",

  Take away the fresh lives.

  Different countries are using different methods,

  Remember these people who have passed away.

On April 20, in the cemetery in Turin, Italy, funeral home staff in protective clothing carried the coffin for burial.

  Italy will March 18,

  Set as the anniversary of the victims of the new crown.

  On this day of the year,

  The collective memory of the people will be awakened.

  The Peruvian church filled with photos of the deceased with the new crown,

  There is a solemn and desolate atmosphere in the air,

  With the mourning bell of the church,

  Spread to the entire city of Lima.

On September 7, on Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, Israel, 1,000 chairs symbolizing the death of the new crown were placed.

  On Rabin Square in Tel Aviv, Israel,

  1,000 empty chairs,

  Represents 1,000 lives lost in the epidemic.

On July 1, the Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, was illuminated by the names of the deceased from the new crown.

"Being with every life" in various languages ​​lit up on the statue.

  The landmark Christ statue in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil,

  Lit by the names of the deceased in the new crown,

  "Being with every life" in various languages,

  Take turns to show and mourn.

An award-winning construction company in Uruguay designed a monument to commemorate the deaths of the new crown epidemic on September 2.

Image source: Sipaphoto copyright works prohibited to reprint

  Uruguay will build a monument to the world epidemic,

  It implies reflection, introspection,

  Then came together.

["The virus is our common enemy"]

  Feeling pain!

  The new crown epidemic does not distinguish between race, region, and country.

  In the process of fighting this rare pandemic,

  No one can stay out of it.

  Some time in the future,

  Humans will still coexist with viruses.

  "Finally, the epidemic will end with hoarseness,

  Instead of banging.


  Says Kirsty Short, a virologist at the University of Queensland.

On August 11, local time, Moscow, Russia, Binnopharm's new crown vaccine production laboratory.

Image source: People's Vision

  However, fortunately,

  This war without gunsmoke,

  It seems that the "fire" of victory can be seen.

  WHO Director-General Tan Desai announced on September 21,

  There are nearly 200 new coronavirus vaccines in the world,

  In the clinical or pre-clinical trial stage.

  Among them, some of China's new crown vaccines,

  Has been in clinical trials at this stage,

  Proven effective.

On June 29, local time, in the center of Leicester, UK, pedestrians walked past a mural painted to thank the staff who contributed to the epidemic.

  The night will finally break,

  May the deceased rest in peace, and the living shall work hard,

  Humans work together,

  Out of the "darkest moment."