Aurinkomatkat's Lapin package tours launched last week have aroused strong interest in writing about the Lapland People.

Mari Kanerva, a communications expert at Aurinkomatkat, who was interviewed by the magazine, says that a few hundred packages have been sold in less than a week.

Demand, he said, exceeded all expectations and the company is now considering expanding package tours.

According to the company, it is already starting to be crowded for Christmas and the ski holidays in the south.

The combinations of self-service and package tours to Lapland started by Ikaalinen Travel Agency, which was interviewed by the magazine, have also started well.

At the end of last week, Pekka Antila, the director responsible for Aurinkomatkat's products, told Taloussanomat that the interest was immediately visible:

- When we started the sale, it exceeded all expectations.

We had as many visitors to the online store yesterday as we did on such normal campaign days when we sold the entire overseas selection, he described on Thursday.

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