Now during the summer, two wolverines have been seen, and seeing wolverines is something that is very unusual.

Not least, it is unusual for wolves to thrive as far south as in Ängra, says Marco Hassoldt who is a wilderness guide.

- Usually they are further north, but we see that the wolverine population is increasing sharply now, says Marco Hassoldt.

"I'd rather run into a bear"

One of the wolves in Ängra climbs a tree.

Photo: Marco Hassoldt

The wolverines were born at the end of May and began to emerge in July.

During the beginning of life, the pups are very dependent on their mother and encountering a female wolf with pups can be very dangerous.

- I actually think I would rather encounter a bear than a female wolf with cubs, says Marco Hassoldt.

The discovery of the wolverines was something that Swedish Radio P4 was the first to report on.

See the cool pictures of the wolves in the video above.