New York Times revelations about Donald Trump’s non-existent income taxes erupted Monday in the United States.

It is a mystery what the role of that news will be in the first TV debate of the presidential candidates early Wednesday morning Finnish time.

  • NOW gets hands on Trump's tax return data from two decades - revealed years of tax evasion and hundreds of millions of dollars in debt

Debate moderator Chris Wallace has the opportunity to bring up current news from outside of the announced topics.

Trump and Joe Biden can also seize on such speeches.

New York Times revelations about Donald Trump’s low income taxes poured additional spice into the presidential election guide.

Joe Biden's reaction is expected. Photo: KEVIN LAMARQUE / Reuters

But is it worth Biden to hit Trump’s tax havens?

“No doubt Biden is talking about them”

- Biden should talk about Trump's tax arrangements in the election debate, and no doubt he will talk about them, researcher Markku Ruotsila thinks.

According to the New York Times, Donald Trump has avoided taxes and the payment of hundreds of millions of dollars in debt. Photo: Olivier Douliery / AFP / Magazine

According to Ruotsila, the New York Times was tactically serving its tax news to Biden right now.

- That is, as soon as Trump attacks Biden and his son as representatives of a corrupt elite, Biden will strike back at these tax arrangements.

- Someone may be convinced, but there is nothing new here.

Already at the time of the last election, these tax arrangements were known and Hillary Clinton attacked Trump in the debates at the time, the docent of the University of Helsinki and Tampere reminds.

“Prosecution game with Trump”

Researcher Ville Sinkkonen believes that hot discussions on this issue are underway at Biden's camp right now.

Joe Biden's election campaign has been thought to hold back on substance and avoid personal casting. Photo: MIKE SEGAR / Reuters

- There are certainly those behind Biden who think he should stay on the agenda and be the traditional president, and not go to the prosecution with Trump.

“Referring to tax information is one way of highlighting Trump’s unreliability, but there is a risk that bringing the debate more and more into the subject matter,” concludes the researcher at the Foreign Policy Institute.

During the 2016 election, there was also a stir in Donald Trump’s tax data.

They had no effect on his popularity among his own supporters. Photo: Ken Cedeno / Reuters