• Interview. "My daughter Sara works for the Red Cross during the pandemic"

Dressed as a shaman

and with many extra kilos, Antonio Canales has given an interview to 'Espejo Público' in which he is sincere about the most scandalous episodes of his life.

At 58, he seems to have gotten over it all and is finally comfortable in his skin.

"At this moment I am getting along great with my ex-wife, we continue to raise our children together, we are even grandparents of a girl, Lola, one year old.

I live in the countryside with my cows, my pigs

... But I don't feel confined ... It's a paradise for me, "he assured his friend Fran Rivera on television.

Canales, who for 28 years traveled the world with his own company, does not avoid any thorny issue, not even his pending trial with the Junta de Andalucía for not electing him director of the Andalusian flamenco ballet after a dubious selection process.

"There were black hands," he says.

She also remembers the worst moments of her life, like when she appeared on television performing oral sex on her boyfriend when he had

not yet come out of the closet in her family


"It was on a gay and nudist beach in Sitges, my love at that time betrayed me. They paid her 14,000 filthy euros for that. I would have given it to her if she had asked me," she recalls.

"My son told me he was on TV and he almost threw me out of the window."

Fortunately, he brought his family together to eat - "I arrived with my dog ​​on my arm, here comes the fagot from Spain" - and I confessed everything.

My children hugged me and accepted their bisexuality.

Even her mother.

"She told me:

'Suck what you want but don't let anyone see you."

"Today I'm going to eat out there with my son Antonio, who is a beauty, and they think he's my boyfriend," he laughs.

A close friend of Carmina Ordóñez, Fran Rivera of course asked her about drugs.

Canales assured: "For me the drug was like a plate of ham. Something normal. I touched hell with my fingers.

I struck down an empire

. I sold it all and I spent it. I went to the casino ... My company had a turnover of 1,000 million peseta".

It was a very bad time.

He separated from the mother of his children, appeared drugged on television and suddenly charged a partner like Cristina Hoyos ...

"I stayed at 67 kg," he


"I was admitted to Dr. Freixa, in Barcelona. He told me that thanks to my physical strength as a dancer I could have survived all the shit I got into, especially cocaine ... After six months I managed to heal, although I lost hair and sight The most important thing is the head. Today here I am, like an oak tree "

Like an oak tree that

defines itself as "polysexual"


"I like people, but not all, mind you."

"It is very healthy to be bisexual. That our children do not feel ashamed of feeling certain things"

According to the criteria of The Trust Project

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