Magawa, a mouse who has been searching for mines in dangerous areas such as Cambodia for many years, was recognized for its contribution.

On the 25th local time, foreign media such as CNN reported that the British animal aid group PDSA (People's Dispensary for Sick Animal) selected Magawa as the brave animal of the year and awarded the gold medal. 

This award is an honorable award that is awarded as a'decoration' to animals that exhibit heroic behavior in extremely dangerous situations. The custom-made gold medal in a photo published on the PDSA website also says "to animals who have been courageous and dedicated to their mission." Is engraved.

After rigorous training, Magawa has helped save lives by finding 39 mines and 28 unexploded ammunition.

With a weight of 1.2 kg and a length of 70 cm, it was small and light enough to not burst even when stepped on a landmine, and was smart enough to perform repetitive tasks well.

But now I am 7 years old and I am about to retire, so recently I only work for 30 minutes a day.

Foreign media reported that of the 30 animals to date this medal was awarded, Magawa was the first rodent.

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(Photo ='PDSA' Twitter/Homepage)