Completed the task as required, but was criticized. The performance of the Second Missile Battalion of a certain brigade of the 75th Army caused thinking——

  Think more about "ifs" when training soldiers and fighting

  "Your combat position was exposed by'enemy' reconnaissance..." In early September, an actual combat comprehensive exercise of a brigade of the 75th Army began quietly in an unfamiliar area in the northwest. After receiving the notification, the second missile battalion of the brigade immediately heard the order. Move, complete the withdrawal and transfer.

  Under the night, there were hidden murders and dangers. The battalion rushed through barriers along the way and responded flexibly. After experiencing special circumstances such as equipment failures and low-altitude reconnaissance by "enemy" drones, it arrived at the scheduled combat area on time.

"Occupy positions, deploy equipment, search for targets..." The officers and soldiers had just completed their combat preparations, and received a special message from the guidance officer again: After receiving a notification from the superior, the "enemy" aircraft will take off in 30 minutes and launch a surprise attack on our defending target. Your department quickly went to organize the interception!

  The special situation came suddenly and the battle was imminent. Battalion Commander Wang Shuai quickly organized the withdrawal of equipment and moved in.

However, the news from the advance team made everyone dumbfounded: the road to the position was "destroyed" and the equipped vehicles could not enter the field.

  "Personnel get off the vehicle and ask for engineering support immediately to restore the passage." Regardless of the cold sweat on his forehead, Wang Shuai asked for support while leading the officers and soldiers to fill the pit...Hurry up and finally occupy the position at the last pass. Complete combat preparations and successfully intercept the "enemy".

On the way back to the camp, Wang Shuai was very pleased, because all the officers and soldiers of the battalion showed their solid cohesion and combat effectiveness in the face of this difficult and dangerous task.

  But what Wang Shuai didn't expect was that at the subsequent review meeting, he encountered a challenge from the assessment team: there was a similar field two kilometers away from the alternate position, which could fully meet the requirements of the shooting interception. Why didn't he choose to go there?

If the construction vehicles do not arrive in time, can they still occupy the position on time?

If the time for the "enemy" plane's surprise attack has been advanced, will there be enough time to deploy equipment after the passage is restored... A series of inquiries make Wang Shuai blush.

  "From the perspective of the entire battle, the officers and soldiers of the second battalion were able to deal with the successive special situations flexibly, which shows that the training is solid in peacetime. However, in addition to the danger brought by the enemy, there are many uncontrollable accidents happening on the battlefield, just like two. The road was intact during the battalion’s previous position survey. As a result, temporary construction was carried out in the area yesterday and the road was cut off across the board. The battle between seconds and seconds can determine the winner or loser. This situation is a test of the commander’s overall operational ability of the battlefield. Stick to the pre-plan, but think about a few more'ifs', take more precautions, and change accordingly." At the end of the resumption meeting, brigade commander Liu Shunyu's meaningful words made everyone lost in thought.

  Although this battle has ended, the ideological flames of war have been ignited. They used the method of "real case study and training, actual combat inspection and training" to highlight the linkage and special setting, and use the tightly linked battlefield enemy situation to temper. The commander's overall overall planning ability, with a targeted aim, strengthens the commander's overall awareness of the battlefield.

  Recently, the brigade carried out the tactical assessment of the battalion company. In the face of the ensuing "enemy" guidance, the commanders of the battalion company responded calmly and tested their ability in battle amidst the gunfire.

Micro Discussion Record

Can't always hope to "nearly win"

  ■ Liu Shunyu, commander of a brigade of the 75th Army

  Soldiers are impermanent, and water is impermanent.

The military strategist Clausewitz once said that "war is the kingdom of uncertainty." Although battalion commander Wang Shuai played a battlefield emergency response ability and won a battle, it was dangerous and he escaped from danger.

In fact, it is possible to plan ahead and be more calm.

  The ancients said: "Those who seek for the future will prosper, and those who seek for the future will perish." As a command and decision maker, it is essential for the commander to respond to the situation and dismantle the tricks, but it is far from enough. You have to foresee ahead and follow closely. Only change can figure out the way to defeat the enemy.

The commander’s vision should not be limited to special situations and unexpected plans. It must also thoroughly understand the winning mechanism of modern warfare, use tactics skillfully, keep an eye on the battlefield trend, and have a solid grasp of battlefield information. The concept of the overall situation drives the practice on the battlefield, and always plan the strategy and anticipate the enemy first. In this way, when facing difficult, dangerous, and dangerous situations, you can not panic in your heart and have tricks in your hands.

  Zhou Yupeng Feng Dengya