China News Service, Washington, September 27. The US District Judge of the District of Columbia ruled on the 27th to suspend the implementation of the US government's administrative order to remove TikTok from the US mobile app store.

  At the telephone hearing held that day, Federal District Judge Karl Nichols listened to the statements of TikTok and the lawyers of the US government.

Nichols made the above ruling that night.

  Nichols believes that the US government’s ban on TikTok is “to a large extent a unilateral decision” and there is almost no opportunity to listen to TikTok’s opinions.

  TikTok’s lawyers alleged that the US government’s injunction violated the company’s rights under the First Amendment to the Constitution and caused irreparable damage to the company’s business.

  The US government announced on August 6 that it will implement a ban on WeChat and TikTok from September 20, including the prohibition of downloading or updating WeChat and TikTok applications through the US mobile application store.

As TikTok announced on the 19th that it had reached a preliminary tripartite agreement with Oracle and Wal-Mart, the ban on TikTok’s “removal” was postponed to midnight on the 27th.