“That’s when my 2-year-old daughter’s godmother asked the girl how Grandma’s dog Jäbä is doing.

The girl replied, 'Well, Jäbä will be sore next week.'

Once he was leaving with the club for a pony trip.

When I asked about it, he said, 'Yeah, we're going there for six horses.'

Personally, when I was 3, I had been inches a few days after leaving my little brother's maternity hospital: 'Is that (little brother) going to stay here?' ”


“‘ A mother is not allowed to come here when she is not allowed to smoke here, ’said a little boy long ago in some public space in the presence of his grandparents (or one of them).

In this way, the grandparents learned for the first time that their daughter, even after engaging in outrageous smoking, had in fact practiced it secretly since high school.

Even under school age, I thought kidneys and eggs are the same thing.

I had reportedly started laughing when I was told that a relative of mine had been hospitalized for a kidney problem. ”


Great new words

“For us,‘ hanger ’meant a hammer;

it's about nailing, so logically named!

The tractor was refueled with 'fire oil' (fuel oil).

When we were on the way but not arriving, we were ‘in the middle of the road’ (in the middle of the journey, along the way).

There is also the use of the saying 'certainly maybe', which sounds like a statement from a politician, but is two years old. ”


"While watching rhubarb in family day care, the nursing boy Tapio shouted: 'Sour perch!'"


Photo: Colourbox

Wonderful human body

“My daughter was facing big questions at about 2 years old.

While in the sauna with my sister and this boyfriend at the time, he suddenly went to stand in front of the boyfriend and looked at his head tilted over his time.

Then he waved the pipe and said, 'SON.' ”


“My grandson of 5 said to the pharaoh in the sauna:‘ You have a much smaller pippel than my fathers! ’”

The Horn of Truth

"We had a firstborn inch, 'I hope I don't get a big elephant sufferer.'"


“My caregiver measured me from head to toe looking critical after the sauna.

Then he said, 'Oh, you only have that kind of hair, I have such a decent one!' ”


“20 years younger than me, then my 3-year-old little brother once saw me when I changed my shirt.

He looked in amazement and then said happily, 'You have suns like that in your tits!' ”