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A Brazilian surfer set a new Guinness record by riding the world's highest wave.

Let's see that scene together.


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Portugal Nazare coast.

There is a huge wave coming.

In the middle of it, a surfer is standing.

The waves get bigger and bigger, but the surfer is enjoying the waves at high speed.

It is said that the height of the wave on this day was 22.4m, about the height of the 6th floor of the building.

This surfer is Brazil's'surfing empress' Maya Gabeira.

With the success of this challenge, Gavey set a new Guinness record.

Not only has it easily surpassed the world record of 20.7m, which I set in 2018, but in the last year, it has set a record for both male and female surfers.

Gabeira, who almost drowned due to a broken leg while surfing seven years ago, wasn't enjoying surfing after the accident.

Netizens said, "Wow... it's animation... just watching it is dizzy, but it's amazing!" They showed reactions such as "I applaud your adventurous spirit and courage^^".

(Screen source: YouTube Guinness World Records)