Veli-Pekka Nurmi, director of the Accident Investigation Board, tells Ilta-Sanomat that material not belonging to Viking Line's Amorella route has been found.

The material was found on the fairway that Amorella drove after coming into contact with the ground, Nurmi says.

- In connection with the imaging of the bus has been found, it is said in a way that something that does not belong there.

How it got there remains to be seen.

The important thing is that the Fairway Agency and the VTS Center, which are responsible for bus safety, have now been informed of this.

They get to decide whether this requires action, Nurmi says.

Nurmi says that it is a kind of natural material, and at least tentatively it does not seem to involve human activity.

According to Nurmi, the investigation into the Amorella accident continues at the repair yard, and Otkes is also assessing whether the material now found has a connection to the accident.

- Is it the result of running aground or does it have any other role.

It is too early to say.

This was specifically in the bottom contact area.

Amorella ran aground on Sunday, September 20, at noon on Julgrund in the Åland archipelago, after which it was soon driven to prevent Järsö from sinking.

The ship was then caught at the bottom of the bow in the shallows off the island.

The ship had about 200 passengers and 80 crew members in the event of the grounding.

Passengers were still transported to Mariehamn on the same day.

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