With the corona pandemic, many have had to rethink their livelihoods after jobs have gone under.

Some, on the other hand, have taken their business to new heights, such as Nikki Belton, 34, who lives in the UK.

Nikki works as a cleaner, but not quite as usual.

Nikki scrubs the surfaces of the home with underwear or even naked.

- I think my work is more relevant now than ever.

Demand for naked cleaners has grown exponentially, Nikki says.

Photo: Theo Moye / Mercury Press / Caters News / MVPhotos

The cleaning business was set up early in the year.

Korona stopped the business for a while, but now there is enough demand again.

Nikki says in a magazine interview that people now want to pay special attention to the cleanliness of the home.

- We offer a smile and at the same time help people keep their homes clean.

We are professional cleaners, Nikki emphasizes.

Photo: Theo Moye / Mercury Press / Caters News / MVPhotos

During a coronavirus pandemic, the cleaner comes home with a mask on his face and keeps the necessary safety distances to the client.

- I want to offer people a playful naughty service after all we have experienced.

This is meant to bring joy, fun and well-being after quarantine, Nikki describes.

The company, called The Naked Cleaning Company, offers topless cleaning for about 83 euros an hour.

The cleaner does his work without twisting the belt at an hourly rate of about 105 euros.

Photo: Theo Moye / Mercury Press / Caters News / MVPhotos

Nikki says she has received a lot of good feedback about her business.

- Customers praise that it is wonderful to see a smiling face.

It’s especially important for those who have been alone for many months, Nikki says.