When Kimi Räikkönen secured his world championship in the Brazilian GP in October 2007, the championship celebrations began at a Ferrari private event in the heart of Sao Paulo at the Gentlemen’s Riding Club.

This is how Heikki Kulta, a long-standing F1 journalist who was present, can tell in his new work Iceman - Kim's Journey (readme).

lats midnight Raikkonen, Gold and race engineer Chris Dyer made their way to Red Bull to host the season päätösbankettiin nightclub.

The place began to close after five in the morning.

Räikkönen and Kulta got on the tail of the taxi queue.

- Kim didn't have the patience at that point and he suggested that I don't take a rusty moped or a light motorcycle that looked abandoned in that yard, which is a lie.

However, I advised that better wait.

Yes, a free car would still come from there, Kulta writes in her book.

Eventually a taxi arrived.

It was the end of the age of Lada.

Heikki Kulta photographed in 2019. Photo: Antti Aimo-Koivisto / Lehtikuva

- In it, Kimi still found a McLaren-era mechanic, whom he introduced as Elvis.

And of course he called his friend in our taxi.

So the three of us crammed into Lada’s back seat.

The mechanic sat on the left side, Kimi in the middle and I on the right.

The spring sticking out of the worn bench was visible through the fabric in the middle and I guess it pressed straight into Kim's stern.

It was the actual championship ride to the hotel, Gold says.

The circle closed in a way, because Räikkönen had a Russian Lada when he was young.

He renovated it with his friends.

- Normally, mega-world stars move on limousines.

We were probably being tucked away from the championship night by an equally old eastern car, with which Kimi, as a little boy, had started his car hobby at home in Espoo, Kulta says.