Mika Salo and Niki Juusela both vehemently deny Ilta-Sanomat the sharing of inside information in C More's F1 broadcast on Sunday.

The punishments Lewis Hamilton received on Sunday in the Russian GP were a hot topic of the weekend.

The British driver received two five-second time fines for irregular start training.

In addition, he was initially fined two penalty points on his license, but the points later turned into fines.

Britti commented bitterly on his penalties after the race: he found his penalties ridiculous and even claimed that the race jury was “trying to stop him”.

Mika Salo, a driver member of the competition jury, was also deciding on the sanctions.

Salo recently told Ilta-Sanomat after the race that Hamilton's speeches were "full of shit".

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Already during the competition, hot speculation also started around Salo.

In C More's TV broadcast, narrator Niki Juusela speculated on Hamilton's possible punishment while the cars were still in the starting grid.

- Let's tell you about it here.

There is no official data yet, but probably twice for five seconds and an additional two points on the license, which would mean Lewis Hamilton would get a penalty, a driving penalty for the next race, Juusela started before leaving.

Juusela had a well-informed insider source about the situation.

- As of now, there are a full 12 points full of penalty points.

And that would mean, according to our information that C Morella has, that Lewis Hamilton is not driving on the Nürburgring.

In addition to this, there would be two to five seconds to come, Juusela continued.

The question around the F1 internet was: where did Juusela get his insider information?

For example, the German Motorsport-total stated in its race monitoring that “according to reports,” C More received advance notice of Hamilton’s punishment from Salo.

Where this “report” had originally been was not clear from a German website or Reddit, for example, where a clip of Juusela’s account is shared with the same accompaniment that the narrator “according to the reports” receives inside information from Salo.

- It's not Mika Salo.

As you know, for the sake of source protection, I am not going to comment on this in any way.

You know for sure, Juusela answered concisely.

Walter Bottas was the biggest beneficiary of Hamilton’s fine.

He won the competition.Photo: Hoch Zwei / MVPhotos / Zuma

Both Juusela and Salo said that on Sunday they both heard speculations about the mutual exchange of information.

Salo was faithfully more colorful in his choice of words.

- It doesn't make sense here.

Quite endless, absolutely.

Call Niki and ask her.

I heard about this yesterday that someone had invented this, it is worth checking out the facts.

You can write anything on the Internet, Salo acknowledged.

He also said that hot reactions and conspiracy theories aren’t really new to him in his role on the F1 jury.

- Whenever someone doesn't like decisions, shit comes.

When we took Max Verstappen off the podium, I got death threats for a year.

That’s how much to believe in these online writings.

Verstappen has lost the podium place as many as four times in his career due to various penalties.

Valtteri Bottas won the Russian GP.

Hamilton, who received a time penalty, finished third in the race.