Lewis Hamilton was the number one angry man after the Russian GP.

The six-time world champion did not easily digest the two five-second time penalties he received before the race in Sochi.

According to the competition jury, Hamilton did not conduct his starting drills at their designated location at the depot gate but later on the depot exit route.

- I'm pretty sure that no one has ever received two five-second time penalty for any such ridiculous, Hamilton commented Motorsport.comin by.

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Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff also questioned the penalties Hamilton received at a post-race press conference.

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Mercedes chief engineer Andrew Shovlin, on the other hand, admitted that there was a fear of punishment in the stall of the German stable when they saw where Hamilton was conducting his drills.

- Lewis asked if he could go a little further.

We didn’t quite realize how far he was going to go.

We didn’t see the first start, but when we saw the second, we realized the jury didn’t like this, Shovlin repeated, according to the Crash site.

Hamilton made his starting start on a slightly longer depot exit than the other drivers - after consulting with his team and receiving a positive response from race engineer Pete Bonnington that the matter was ok.

- We didn't consider it dangerous.

Given that the instructions talked about the right side of the track after the depot straight, we thought it might be vague enough for us to survive with just an interview.

When we saw the position of the car, it was no complete surprise that it was not liked, Shovlin noted.

Two time fines further hampered Hamilton’s winning battle, which suffered a crash as early as Saturday.

The British star had to use soft tires in the second leg of the time trial and ruined his chances of an optimal tire strategy in the race.

Hamilton finished third in Sochi, but still leads the World Championships by 44 points ahead of his team-mate Valtteri Bota, who took his second win of the season.