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A US national is being sued in Thailand for posting a negative comment on the Tripadvisor site targeting a tourist resort, which filed a complaint.

If convicted, Wesley Barnes, resident in Thailand, faces up to two years in prison.

In the country, the coronavirus epidemic has hit tourism hard.

Despite everything, Thais and foreign residents continue to frequent the seaside resorts - almost empty - including those on the island of Koh Chang, famous for its beaches and turquoise waters.

Disappointed with the "unfriendly" staff

During a recent stay at the Sea View Resort, located on the island, however, Wesley Barnes was extremely disappointed with the reception and reported it on Tripadvisor.

In his comment, he says the staff were "unfriendly" and acted "as if they didn't want to see anyone" in the facility.

The management of the complex filed a complaint against him over the comment, said Col. Thanapon Taemsara of Koh Chang Police.

Wesley Barnes was briefly detained and then released on bail.

Thailand's libel law provides for a maximum sentence of two years in prison and a $ 6,300 fine.

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