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The Minister of Health, Salvador Illa, and the counselor of the sector in the Community of Madrid, Enrique Ruiz-Escudero, will meet this afternoon, at 4.30 pm, with their respective teams, to

try to redirect the crisis unleashed between both administrations on last Friday.

Meanwhile, tomorrow the meetings of the Covid-19 Group are resumed, in which there are representatives of both the central and regional Executive.

Madrid health officials attend the meeting with epidemiological and healthcare data that, in their opinion, rule out for now that more measures have to be taken than those already agreed, that is,

the restriction of activity and mobility in 45 health areas of the region.

In addition, they will ask the Minister of Health to justify why with 500 accumulated incidence cases an area should be confined, as Illa said on Friday to justify the request to confine Madrid.

Likewise, they will ask for explanations of why Madrid has to do it and

other communities that exceed that figure do not.

Before the meeting, the Minister of Health has defended that the situation of the pandemic in Madrid

is "of control" and that therefore there are no reasons for an intervention by the Ministry of Health

, which is disfigured by his "sudden concern" around the region 48 hours after congratulating them.

"The daily data is the average for every week, about 1,024 infections on Friday and yesterday in the same range and in terms of hospital beds we had a balance of decrease in the number of beds

, from 120 on Friday and 99 on Saturday knowing that there is always an increase on weekends because there are fewer registrations.

It is what we anticipated, a control situation, "Escudero assured in an interview with Telecinco.

Asked if the Executive of Sánchez is going to intervene in Madrid, the counselor has pointed out that he hopes not,

but has admitted that "the signals that he has sent this weekend seem to be going in that direction", although he has stressed: "no the situation exists to intervene ".

On the other hand, tomorrow the Covid-19 Group meeting will be held.

Neither of the two administrations had called off the meetings, but the situation

of "uncertainty" after the crisis unleashed in the dialogue between the central and regional Executive

had put tomorrow's meeting in serious doubt.

Precisely yesterday, the vice president of the Community of Madrid, Ignacio Aguado, called Illa to ask for a "ceasefire" in the


between governments and told him the need to continue with those meetings between the regional and central administrations.

The crisis broke out last Friday, after Minister Illa requested the closure of Madrid in a press conference convened at the same time that the Community reported on the epidemiological situation in the region and

announced the extension of the restrictions to eight other basic areas.

The central Executive had come to congratulate the Government of Isabel Díaz Ayuso on Tuesday for the measures implemented, but on Thursday, in a change of opinion,

demanded in one of those bilateral meetings to extend the restrictions to the entire territory.

According to sources from the regional government told this newspaper, Minister Escudero received pressure from Minister Illa to take tougher measures against Covid-19 in the region, an extreme rejected by the Community, which has requested time for the measures that have already been launched bear fruit.

The minister has already warned that the Government of Pedro Sánchez will assess the situation and act "accordingly" if

their recommendations

are not taken

into account, without ruling out "taking health control" of the Community of Madrid if Ayuso does not rectify.

The president of the Community of Madrid warned Illa last night that the total confinement of Madrid is not possible because "we are ruining ourselves", that they have sought an "intermediate solution" and that what the region needs are resources and aid.

"We have to combine health with the economy because Madrid cannot stop," he said.

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