In Malaysia, 50 carp died when a cleaner was asked to clean a pond in the yard.


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Mr. Ashnur from Malaysia recently hired an employee through a cleaner to clean a pond in his yard.

However, after cleaning, Mr. Ashnur returned home and faced a terrible situation. Dozens of carp in the pond were dead and lined up outside the pond.

It happened when this cleaner, who lacked knowledge of pond cleaning, was cleaning the pond water at once.

When changing the water in a fish tank and pond where fish live, fish need to leave half of the original water and mix it with new water so the fish can adapt.

However, without knowing this, it seems that the fish were dying due to sudden changes in the environment such as water temperature and pH concentration by changing the water all at once.

It is said that 50 carp died due to an absurd mistake by an employee of the company.

Netizens said, "It's a fish life, but didn't everyone think too easily?" "It's a real thunderbolt. I'm sorry only for carp that can't speak!!" It showed a reaction.

(Screen source: YouTube Ratu Aquatic Lampung)