Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, September 28th. Title: Expert interview: The essence of the so-called "cooperation agreement" between the United States and TikTok is a looting under the logic of robbers

  Xinhua News Agency reporters Yu Junjie, Liu Shuo, Zhai Xiang

  The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia ruled on the 27th to suspend the implementation of the U.S. government's administrative order on the removal of the Internet short video social platform TikTok from the U.S. mobile app store.

This is a relatively objective ruling made by the U.S. District Court.

  However, the above ruling cannot change the fact that TikTok is nakedly suppressed and coerced by the US government, nor can it beautify the US government's arrogant bullying behavior.

  A few days ago, a US company claimed to have reached a "cooperation agreement" with TikTok, a platform owned by Chinese company ByteDance.

What motives and ulterior purposes are hidden behind this so-called agreement under the banner of "equality" and "commercial cooperation"?

Xinhua News Agency reporters interviewed many experts and scholars in the field of Internet and international relations.

  "From the details of the announcement, it can be found that a series of US arrangements are to allow TikTok to'break away from China's control' and become a thorough American company." Lu Chuanying, secretary general of the Cyberspace International Governance Research Center of Shanghai Institute of International Studies, believes The essence of the US government's forcing TikTok to reach a so-called "cooperation agreement" with US companies is that without legal and factual basis, it uses administrative means to rob China's Internet companies in a deliberate manner. It is a wanton violation of international laws for domestic political purposes.

  "From this incident, we can see that the various actions of the United States are aimed at monopolizing the market at the source, forming a dominance of American companies, establishing a global market Americanized ecology, and then controlling and squeezing companies from other countries to maximize the benefits." Guangzhou University Said Tian Zhihong, director of the Cyberspace Advanced Technology Research Institute.

  He said that the United States has been knocking on the doors of other countries by chanting slogans of free market competition, but this time it used "national security" as an excuse to obstruct the free competition and development of other countries' enterprises in the United States. This reflects its robbery logic: the United States is ahead. , It is freedom and security; if the United States does not lead, it will take advantage of it.

  Zuo Xiaodong, vice president of the China Academy of Information Security, believes that the US government's request for TikTok to provide algorithms and transfer data control rights constitutes an infringement of China's cyber sovereignty.

  "Currently, data security has been pushed to the forefront of the game between nations, and has become an overall issue involving national politics, economy, culture, and military affairs. The TikTok incident must not be allowed to become a negative exemplary case." Zuo Xiao Dong said.

  Some experts have pointed out that this is not the first time that the United States has bullied foreign technology companies.

Various facts show that the United States has tasted the sweetness and will inevitably use this despicable method to continue to endanger the interests of more countries and businesses.

  "Chinese technology companies are going international. If the US government is allowed to suppress it, it will not only cause heavy losses to many companies, but also reduce their willingness to go international." Lu Chuanying said that we must attach great importance to the strategic attempts behind the US government. Safeguard the legitimate and legal rights of Chinese companies.

  "Once the so-called cooperation agreement is reached, it will establish a model and routine for the United States to treat Chinese companies, which will pose a huge challenge for Chinese technology companies to go overseas in the future." He Yanzhe, deputy director of the Evaluation Laboratory of the Trust Security Center of China Electronics Standardization Institute, suggested that the Chinese government should fully Evaluate whether the domestic technology is likely to be stolen or even seized, and carry out overseas development and cooperation on the premise of fully demonstrating security.

  Many experts said that in the face of the hegemonic actions of the US government, Chinese companies must strengthen their understanding of the international environment and avoid risks from the political level; they must also actively use legal weapons to defend their rights and interests; they must also unite with insight in the global business community. Jointly resist American bullying practices and maintain fairness and justice in the commercial field.

  "Enterprises must fully realize that only with a strong motherland as the backing can they be stable and long-term." Tian Zhihong believes that the majority of Chinese companies should learn from this incident and be prepared to face more complex struggles and games.