According to the information in the documentary series, the hole is four meters high and has previously been partly hidden towards the lake bottom, writes Aftonbladet.

In the past, theories about a hole in the hull have been consistently rejected by the authorities.

- It can not be ruled out that the damage was important for the sinking process, says Jørgen Amdahl, professor of marine technology in Trondheim, in the new documentary series "Estonia - the discovery that changes everything", on Dplay, the newspaper reports.

The film images were taken with a diving robot and in a joint statement, the foreign ministers of Sweden, Finland and Estonia now write that they have agreed to evaluate the data.

"Something has collided"

Lars Ångström, a former member of the Riksdag in the Defense Committee, has for many years been involved in the Estonia disaster and is one of those who demanded that the government deepen the investigation into what actually caused the accident.

- This is new information that completely confirms the extensive criticism that has been made against the explanation and investigation of the sinking, says Lars Ångström.

- Here the material and the experts who have looked at it show that something has collided in Estonia's side with a force of several thousand tons, and then they talk ships.

Sank quickly

The Estonian disaster occurred during the night of September 28, 1994, exactly 26 years ago.

The ferry left the port of Tallinn on the evening of September 27, 1994, but capsized in severe weather almost halfway to Stockholm and sank completely in less than an hour.

852 people died in the disaster.

137 survivors were rescued.

Demands have previously come from survivors, relatives and other committed people that the wreck must be examined to find an explanation for the ferry sinking so fast.

Due to the new images, the demand is now renewed in a new debate article.