AfD parliamentary group board dismisses former spokesman - page 1

The board of directors of the AfD parliamentary group has terminated its former spokesman Christian Lüth without notice.

The parliamentary group chairman Alexander Gauland announced the decision in the parliamentary group meeting, a spokesman confirmed.

The decision in the board was unanimous.

The background is inhuman remarks about migrants in a TV documentary that Lüth made after ZEIT-ONLINE research.

The long-time party and faction press spokesman spoke in February about the possibility of shooting or gassing migrants.

At a

meeting with a right-wing journalist,





, in which the face of the AfD member cannot be seen, the AfD parliamentary group spokesman at the time spoke out in favor of "even more migrants coming".

"Because then the AfD will be better. We can still shoot them all afterwards. That's not an issue at all. Or gas, or whatever you want. I don't care!"

For legal reasons,


only spoke of a high AfD functionary in a television documentary and did not mention Lüth's name.

However, ZEIT ONLINE was able to clearly identify Lüth with the help of several informants.

The film is to be broadcast on Monday evening.


reported in advance that the functionary wanted to persuade his interlocutor to cooperate with the party.

"The worse it is in Germany, the better for the AfD," he is said to have said.

"That sucks, of course, for our children too - but it probably keeps us going."

He is also said to have said that this was "discussed for a long time" with parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland.

Gauland rejects statements

Gauland announced: "The statements attributed to Mr. Lüth are completely unacceptable and in no way compatible with the goals and policies of the AfD and the AfD parliamentary group in the German Bundestag."

The claim that he "only talked to Lüth about these topics or that I even approved of the statements that were ascribed to Mr. Lüth to him is completely absurd and fictitious," he added.  



in a



at the end of 2015, when the party was in better shape again despite the resignation of thousands of members

: "Of course, we owe our rise to the refugee crisis in the first place."

Lüth was first spokesman for the party and later the press spokesman for the parliamentary group.

He was released in April after allegations had been raised that he had called himself a "fascist" in an interview.

Most recently he was under discussion for another function in the group.

Lüth was initially not available to comment.

The AfD emphasized on Twitter that Lüth was not a party member and had not worked for the party for three years.

"He could not speak for us as a party in February 2020," said the AfD to its then press spokesman for the parliamentary group.