The British newspaper "The Guardian" said that the lengthy report, in which the New York Times reviewed details of US President Donald Trump's tax records for more than two decades, is another "resounding surprise" to add to the series of scandals that characterize the upcoming presidential election campaign.

The Guardian adds that the data revealed by the New York Times add to the complexity of the scene, especially in light of a bitter struggle over the past few days over the nomination of a successor to the late Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg in the Supreme Court, and the Trump administration's "failed" handling of the outbreak of the Corona virus that infected about 7 million Americans. , And has killed more than 200,000.

The Guardian summarized the most important revelations of its American counterpart in 6 main points:

1 / Trump pays very little taxes

The New York Times reported that Trump did not pay federal income taxes during 11 of the 18 years the newspaper considered, noting that in 2017 - that is, after he became president - his tax bill was only $ 750.

She said this happened even though Trump has often objected to the US tax package and approved a series of tax cuts, which critics assert, serve the most rich and big companies.

Regarding Trump's direct predecessors in the presidency, the newspaper emphasized that "Barack Obama and George Bush Jr. used to regularly pay more than $ 100,000 in taxes annually."

2 / A long audit process at great costs

The New York Times announced in its report that Trump was involved in a decade-long audit carried out by the Internal Revenue Service regarding $ 72.9 million in tax recovery, which he claimed was his property, and then received it after announcing that he suffered heavy losses, noting that the verdict was issued. Against him in this case would have cost him more than $ 100 million.

"In 2011, the Revenue Department began an auditing process to look into the legality of the refund ... After nearly a decade, the case is still unresolved for unknown reasons, and the matter could eventually fall into a federal court where it could become a public matter," she added. .

Ivanka helped her father Trump reduce the tax burden, according to the New York Times (Reuters)

3 / Ivanka helps ease Trump's tax burden

The newspaper said that Ivanka Trump, the president's eldest daughter, during her work as an employee of the "Trump Organization", may have received "consulting services" fees that helped reduce the tax burden on the family.

Such a disclosure could harm her reputation as a White House adviser and wife to Jared Kushner, the president's chief advisor, especially as she tries to distance herself from some of the biggest scandals that have plagued the current administration, and it is widely believed that she has political ambitions after her father left his presidential post.

The New York Times said in its report that "Trump's private records showed that his company once paid $ 747,622 in fees to an anonymous consultant working for hotel projects in Hawaii, Vancouver and British Columbia in Canada, and it shows documents about Ivanka Trump - which she provided when she joined the White House staff in 2017 -" It received a similar amount through a consulting firm that was a partner in its ownership. "

4 / Trump companies are losing money

The American newspaper reflected a very negative evaluation of Trump's projects, which he often brags about and uses carefully to promote his image as a skilled and successful businessman. The newspaper said that “Trump's core companies - mainly including golf courses and hotels - suffer from the loss of millions, if not tens of millions. Of dollars year after year. "

She explained in detail how Trump, since 2000, has reported losing more than $ 315 million on his golf courses, and his hotel, which opened in 2016 in Washington, and was suspected of his adherence to federal laws, lost more than $ 55 million.

5 / Trump has to pay a big bill

On the other hand, the American newspaper said that Trump must pay a large financial bill, as he will have to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in loans over the next four years, noting that he is personally responsible for some of these financial obligations.

"In the 1990s, Mr. Trump nearly destroyed himself by personally guaranteeing hundreds of millions of dollars in loans. Since then, he has said he regretted what he did; but his tax records show that he made the same decision again, and it appears that he is now responsible for loans," she added. It is worth $ 421 million, most of which must be repaid within 4 years. "

The newspaper speculated that if he wins the elections, his lenders will be in a position to not envy him, as they will be perplexed as to whether they will seize the property of a president in office to preserve their rights.

A Trump hotel in the US state of Nevada (Anatolia)

6 / Trump's projects benefit from being president

The Guardian says that the issue of Trump's projects benefiting from his position in the presidency was one of the most interactive topics in the media, and the US president, given the nature of the "Trump Organization" and its branches, which include hotels, resorts and other interests, has been open to the possibility that pressure groups, businessmen and forces will seek To invest money in his companies in an attempt to influence US policies.

The New York Times report confirms that Trump's projects have already benefited from his political position as President of the United States, as he “received, since he became a prominent presidential candidate, large sums of money from lobbyists, politicians and foreign officials who paid him to stay on one of his properties or to join one of his clubs, such as his resort” Maralargo. In Florida or his Washington hotel.