Observation丨Receive cigarette tickets in the office

19 people were investigated and dealt with in the Hangzhou Xiaoshan case

  On September 28, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection and the State Supervision Commission publicly exposed 6 typical cases of violation of the spirit of the eight central regulations.

One of the cases is that Li Kan, former member of the Party Committee and deputy director of the Xiaoshan District Health Bureau of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province, illegally accepted gifts and consumer cards that may affect the fair execution of official duties, and accepted banquets from management service targets.

  According to the notification, Li Kan received gifts in violation of the regulations from 2015 to January 2020, and was concentrated during the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day. The target was 6 staff members of the bureau and its subordinate units in the form of gifts, consumer cards, and “cigarettes”. "Tickets" and other properties.

When the correction of the "four winds" continues to maintain a high-pressure posture and discipline is becoming more and more stringent, why does Li Kan still refuse to stop and dare to resist the wind and violate discipline?

What warnings and thoughts does this case bring?

How did the local disciplinary inspection and supervision agencies investigate and handle cases and promote reforms?

With these questions in mind, the reporter recently rushed to Xiaoshan District to conduct an on-site interview.

  All those who participated in illegal eating and drinking, including receiving and giving gifts, have been severely dealt with.

  In September 2019, the Letters and Visits Office of the Supervisory Committee of the Xiaoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection received a letter inscribed as "organization personnel", reflecting the issue of Li Kan, the then deputy director of the District Health Bureau, receiving money and materials from the parties during the personnel transfer.

Subsequently, the main person in charge of the district party committee inspection team and the district discipline inspection committee supervision committee also successively received multiple reports, reflecting that the problems were directed to Li Kan.

  On September 29, the Xiaoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to set up a case verification team to conduct a preliminary review of Li Kan's violation of discipline.

After multiple investigations in the early stage, the inspection team gradually figured out the facts about the violation of discipline.

  On the afternoon of January 8, 2020, the inspection team conducted a conversation with Li Kan and related personnel, and conducted party discipline and party rules education to let him lay down his psychological burden.

Soon, Li Kan confessed the disciplinary facts such as illegally accepting food and treats and illegally accepting gifts.

  "The Li Kan case lasted for a long time and involved many people. After mastering the main facts, we decided to quickly talk to the relevant people involved in the case to avoid unnecessary interference and prevent resistance to the case." The person in charge of the verification team said Reporter introduced.

Beginning on January 8, the inspection team worked overtime, spent 8 days talking to all personnel, and made a transcript after I signed and approved it.

  On January 16, the Standing Committee of the Xiaoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection decided to formally file a case for Li Kan’s violation of discipline.

  After investigation, Li Kan violated the spirit of the eight central regulations by accepting banquets that may affect the fair execution of official duties, illegally accepting gifts and consumer cards that may affect the fair execution of official duties, and did not stop after the 18th National Congress. The circumstances were serious and affected bad.

Li Kan also committed other violations of discipline. He was subject to probation by the party for one year, dismissed from government affairs, and confiscated proceeds of violation of discipline.

  Including Li Kan, the case involved 19 people in the Xiaoshan District Health System.

In terms of the units involved, there are 4 staff in the district health bureau; 7 in district hospitals, including 3 leaders at the hospital level; 7 in community health service centers, including 6 directors; and 1 staff in private hospitals.

  “Eight regulations have been issued for nearly eight years. By 2020, if you dare to violate disciplines, we must deal with them seriously. Except for Li Kan, other people involved in illegal eating and drinking, including those who received and given gifts that were also found out, we have made corresponding actions. Punishment." Jiang Jine, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoshan District Committee, Secretary of the District Disciplinary Committee, and Director of the District Supervision Committee, said that the main tone of "strictness" must be unchanged for a long time, and strong punishments will form a strong warning and deterrent.

  In the end, the Xiaoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection imposed disciplinary sanctions on 8 of the 19 persons involved in the case. In addition to Li Kan, there were 1 serious warning from the party, 1 warning from the party, 1 government record, and 4 government warnings; 11 people were given the organization to deal with, of which 4 were admonished, 2 were ordered to be inspected, 3 were criticized and educated, and 2 were reminded to talk.

  Eating and drinking are equated with colleague friendship, and awe gives way to "human relations"

  When interviewing Li Kan and several persons involved in the case, many people said: We are all old colleagues and friends for many years, and we are familiar with each other. I didn’t feel anything wrong with having a meal together; we have personal relationships during the holidays and everyone That's it.

  The most typical is a dinner organized by Li Kan in September 2019.

  Li Kan is the deputy director of the district health bureau in charge of personnel affairs.

At that time, a staff member of the Public Health Department of the District First People's Hospital approached Li Kan in order to be taken care of in his promotion, hoping that he would contact people related to his work to gather.

  With nearly 30 years of work experience in the system, plus being a bureau leader, it is "easy" for Li Kan to come forward and set up a meal.

He quickly contacted a section chief of the bureau, the personnel section chief of the District First People's Hospital, and the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the District First People's Hospital to participate.

  During the dinner, a table of people chatted.

During the call before or during the meal, the five people Li Kan called were placed in their pockets with two supermarket consumption cards worth 2,000 yuan.

  The next day, the secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the First People's Hospital returned two supermarket cards to the parties through the hospital's discipline inspection and supervision room. "As the secretary of the discipline inspection committee, although he returned the supermarket card, he didn't know how to refuse and accept the food. "The head of the personnel department who went with me said: "You must be cautious in the future, and you must ask who you are eating with and what you are eating, and you must not eat what you shouldn't."

  "Living in a human society, care more about some things. Everyone is happy to gather together. It's not a big deal to receive small gifts." Li Kan preached during his self-analysis. He even equated eating and drinking with colleagues' friendship and regarded it as innocent. Little things".

  Judging from the verification, Li Kan’s violation of discipline has three characteristics: First, from the personnel point of view, the food and drink are mostly closely related, and most of the gifts given to him are familiar; second, from the perspective of time, the recent Years are continuous, mostly before holidays; thirdly, there is no taboo on management and service targets.

  Because of this, many of the consumer cards and "cigarette tickets" accepted by Li Kan were completed in the office.

"I have an office by myself, and usually no one comes in. They put it down and leave." Li Kan said, thinking that he was very concealed and no third person knew. "After all, there is still a fluke mentality."

  The dean of a health center who has been to Li Kan's office to give gifts many times has more than 30 years of work experience in the health system and has known Li Kan for many years.

"The two are just like relatives. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Spring Festival, the Xiaoshan people will walk around each other, and they ran to the office to show him. But there is also selfishness. In the final analysis, the self-requirements are not strict enough."

  Fang Hong, the leader of the Eighth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team assigned by the Xiaoshan District Commission for Discipline Inspection, believes: “I don’t know how to be close to each other, fail to keep the disciplinary bottom line, and lack awe. These are Li Kan’s biggest problems.”

  Li Kan himself admits that the learning of discipline and rules is enthusiasm, but he did not enter his mind. Awe gradually gave way to human relations, and gradually relaxed his requirements. He saw some unhealthy habits and his heart followed. , And slowly get used to it, leading to the wrong path.

  "Recognize the mistake and stop the loss in time." This is the common voice heard by reporters when interviewing the offenders.

  After receiving organizational treatment and education, Li Kan and others faced their own problems squarely and let go of their ideological burdens.

When the new crown pneumonia epidemic hit this year, they earnestly performed their duties and worked hard to prevent and control the epidemic.

  Take the establishment of clean hospitals as the carrier, promote the case to promote reforms, correct the roots

  On the morning of May 28, in Xiao Ran Hall on the first floor of the Xiaoshan District Conference Center, the district health system party style and clean government work and clean hospital construction promotion meeting were held.

  "After the epidemic prevention and control, the image of medical staff has been established. We must maintain this image. We must not make such mistakes and affect the respect of doctors in the society." Combined with the analysis of Li Kan's case, Jiang Jin'e was 150 present. Yu Ming, the leading cadres of the health care system, took a lively lesson on clean political parties.

  The Li Kan case caused a lot of shock in the local area and exposed some shortcomings and loopholes in the supervision of the Xiaoshan District Health System.

"For example, the supervision methods for party members and cadres eight hours away need to be further explored and innovated, and there is room for improvement in strengthening the awareness of mass supervision and emphasizing social supervision." Gao Haifei, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoshan District Disciplinary Committee, believes.

  In accordance with the requirements of "one case, one suggestion", the District Commission for Discipline Inspection dispatched the eighth disciplinary inspection and supervision team to the district health bureau party committee to issue a disciplinary inspection proposal to supervise and strengthen team building, system implementation, and accountability.

"The Li Kan case has brought us a warning that a leading cadre cannot stay in one post for too long." The main responsible comrade of the District Health Bureau said that the next step will be to implement key post rotation exchanges, interview reminders and other systems to manage Firmly "key few" and play a leading role in demonstration.

  Taking the analysis of the profound lessons of Li Kan's case as an opportunity, with the establishment of a clean hospital as a carrier, and with the goal of strengthening supervision and promoting clean wind, the Xiaoshan District Health and Health System has begun a rectification action.

  At the beginning of this year, the District Health Bureau launched a centralized education and rectification activity of "compacting responsibilities and correcting the four winds".

The activity focused on issues such as illegal receipt and delivery of gift card gifts, “cigarette tickets”, illegal eating and drinking, and illegal receipt of red envelope rebates, and strengthened self-examination and self-correction, and concentrated rectification.

Before and after the Spring Festival, a total of 8 people took the initiative to hand in gift cards, totaling 14,300 yuan.

  According to Mao Jianxun, deputy director of the District Health Bureau, in order to strengthen the supervision and management of public officials in hospitals, and to discover tendencies and signs of problems in a timely manner, the district has established a honeycomb supervision operation mechanism.

The mechanism compares integrity supervisors, supervision areas, and party organizations to "bees," "beeholes," and "beehives." In accordance with the requirements of full coverage, hierarchical responsibility, and individual responsibility, it focuses on supervising middle-level and above cadres and medical practices Medical ethics evaluation, use of public power, etc.

"This is an extension of the tentacles of supervision, which is conducive to timely detection of problems and reminders."

  In early July, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection dispatched the Eighth Discipline Inspection and Supervision Team to organize health system cadres to observe the trial of Hu Shuangfei, the former director of the Department of Anesthesiology, Zhejiang Provincial People's Hospital, on suspected bribery.

  "The Hu Shuangfei case reflects that while focusing on business, a small number of medical personnel neglected to study and lacked the awe of discipline and law. I must take precautions and discipline myself; at the same time, I must fulfill my supervisory responsibilities, grasp early, and strengthen treatment. Disciplinary education and supervision of hospital officials and employees.” said Jin Haigang, secretary of the Disciplinary Committee of the District First People's Hospital.

  The reporter learned that the District Health and Health Bureau has formulated a three-year action plan for the construction of clean hospitals, and is progressing the implementation of various tasks in an orderly manner, working towards the goal of "political cleanliness, cadres clean and upright, hospital style clean, and medical style clean".

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