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This is a gym in Japan.

'Bouldering' is a place where you can climb a rock wall with your arms and legs without auxiliary equipment, but here a cat showed off his amazing bouldering skills.

It's this cat'Lara', and you can't see anything whine when you take one step by step, and you can feel the stability and speed very lightly.

Looking closely at both sides, I stretched my body and climbed without hesitation, and Lara quickly reached the top.

It is said that it was in 2016 that Lara came to this gymnasium, and the curator Geon Geun brought Lara, who was trembling alone in front of the gym, and started raising it.

And Lara quickly got used to the gym life, and after observing people exercising for a few days, she started bouldering herself.

"I haven't given you more snacks just because I'm good at rock climbing," said the director Geon Geon, and said that the members watching and cheering for Lara seem to motivate me.

Netizens said, "It's a great skill since you're singing a good night in three years!" "If you see me riding a rock, it looks like a cat will laugh at me!"

(Screen source: YouTube M GOAN)