In these countries, the limit value that defines free travel to Finland has been exceeded.

According to the government's decision last Thursday, as of today, countries are no longer allowed to come to Finland for leisure trips.

Restrictions were lifted from these countries only about a week ago.

Entry restrictions remain in force in internal border traffic when traveling from several other countries.

These countries are the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Austria, Greece, Luxembourg, Malta, Portugal, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Hungary.

Entry from these and the aforementioned countries is possible only for a business trip or for any other necessary reason.

Two weeks of voluntary quarantine is recommended for immigrants.

There will also be changes in traffic between Finland and non-Schengen countries today.

The painting list may change again on Thursday

Daily traffic on the land border between Finland, Sweden and Norway between border communities is allowed.

In addition, from Monday, you can work in Finland from Sweden and Estonia without voluntary two-week quarantine or testing.

The paint list is updated weekly, and the changes will be decided again at the Government session on Thursday.

At present, only countries with a maximum of 25 cases per 100 thousand inhabitants in two weeks are allowed to travel freely to Finland.