The plane hit a tree bed and led to an aviation accident at Jämijärvi Airport in Satakunta on Sunday.

- The alarm was given at 12.12, says the firefighter on duty Joni Salo.

The alarm was sent to the units with the severity class “medium aviation accident”.

When the rescue units arrived at the scene of the accident at Jämijärvi Airport, it quickly became clear that the situation was stable.

The plane was firmly at the top of the tree.

- It is still attached to it, Salo, who was reached at the root of the tree for the immediate feel of the accident, told IS.

According to Salo, the machine attached to a tree is about three meters long and weighs an estimated tens of pounds.

- Single-engine propeller, not military.

A spectacular small plane, Salo described the airplane.

The airplane is powered by an internal combustion engine as opposed to the more common electric motor airplanes of recent times.

A police patrol also arrived at the scene and isolated the accident area.

The cause of the accident is thought to be a pilot error of assessment.

According to fire chief Salo, the safety of people was not known to be endangered in the accident.

- The owner of the plane announced that he would take the plane down after the police had given permission.

Taneli Äikäs, the manager of Jämijärvi Airport, was unaware of the exact course of the accident.

- There was no opportunity.

Airplane enthusiasts have gathered, but I don’t know who else.

Large aircraft, such as those involved in an accident, can cost a maximum of tens of thousands of euros, or the amount of a small car.