China News Service, September 27. According to the "Philippine Business Daily" report, the Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce has recently stated that within a few months, there have been several robberies and shootings against Chinese businessmen operating in the jewelry industry in the Chinese district of Manila. Nearby residents and businesses are panicking.

  The Chinese Chamber of Commerce in the Philippines pays close attention to the recent security situation in the Chinese area.

On the afternoon of September 23, the Philippine Chinese Chamber of Commerce held a symposium under the arrangement of the chairman Lin Yuqing, and invited the members of the Philippine Chinese Jewelry Association and the founding president of the Restoration Movement, Hong Yuhua, and Joel Chua, a member of the third district of Manila. Wait for representatives of local jewelry and jewellers to attend and discuss how to take immediate action to quickly deal with and resolve related public security issues.

  At the symposium, jewellery dealers expressed their concern about this series of cases, saying that it would have a negative impact on their daily operations, put forward many suggestions, and asked the Chinese Chamber of Commerce, the Restoration of Public Order Movement and the Manila City Government to help them. More police officers came out to patrol and set up temporary police stations in relevant areas.

  After the forum, the Federation of Chinese Chambers of Commerce immediately coordinated with the police in the Manila District of the Philippines, proposing to deploy more police officers in relevant key areas of the Chinese District, and urged relevant units to solve the case quickly so as to restore peace in the Chinese District as soon as possible.