There was a no to the plans for wind turbines on Ripfjället when the referendum was held in Malung-Sälen on Sunday.

- It's as I expected.

The no movement has mobilized in a good way, says municipal councilor Hans Unander (S) in a first comment.

The turnout was 58.7 percent in the end.

In other words, out of the more than 8,000 eligible voters, 4,637 people voted in the election for the wind farm on Ripfjället.

- We will now analyze the results before we move on, says Hans Unander (S).

The evening started with a no

Yttermalung and Malungsfors are the two constituencies that were clearly counted first, at 20.45.

In Yttermalung, just over 55 percent voted no.

Just under 42 percent voted yes.

In Malungsfors there was even greater resistance.

There, just over 73 percent voted against the wind farm on Ripfjället.

Just under 24 percent voted yes.

By 9 pm, the districts of Sälen-Transtrand and Lima had also been counted.

And it showed the same trend.

In Sälen-Transtrand, just over 50 per cent voted no and just over 45 per cent voted yes.

In Lima, there was an even greater predominance for the no side.

More than 56 percent voted no and just over 38 percent voted yes.

Preliminary figures

Turnout can be considered quite high.

In Malungsfors, a little more than 76 per cent of those entitled to vote voted and in Yttermalung almost 60 per cent.

In Sälen-Transtrand, just under 51 per cent voted and in Lima just over 59 per cent of those entitled to vote.

The vote figures are preliminary, the final vote count will take place on Monday.