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Against a background of massive abstention, the left and the right are competing for six seats of deputies on Sunday, on the occasion of the second round of partial legislative elections from which the LREM candidates were eliminated.

These elections are the consequence of the municipal elections and the appointment of a new government in July.

The abstention promises to be very strong, like the first round organized last Sunday in the midst of a health crisis.

Voters were few to go to the polls, with between 13 and 21% participation depending on the constituency.

The presidential party, which only challenged one seat, was eliminated in the first round in the constituencies where it stood, ie half.

The "marchers" have already lost the 11th district of Yvelines, where Nadia Hai, appointed Minister for the City, had resigned.

She thus voluntarily provoked a by-election to prevent her deputy, indicted for drug trafficking, from sitting.

The favorite right to win the LREM constituency of Trappe

In this constituency which was once that of the former socialist candidate for the 2017 presidential election, Benoît Hamon, the mayor of Bois d'Arcy (LR) Philippe Benassaya was ahead of the first by 1,283 votes (36.62%). Deputy Mayor of Trappes (Génération. s), Sandrine Grandgambe (24.83%).

In Colmar and Neuf-Brisach, in a constituency traditionally anchored to the right, the LR candidate is also in a good position to win.

Yves Hemedinger came out largely in the lead of the first round with 45.39% of the vote.

He will face in the second round the ecologist Frédéric Hilbert (23.53%) to succeed Eric Straumann (LR) who became mayor of Colmar.

Another duel between the right and the ecologists will take place in the third district of Maine-et-Loire.

With 22.8% of the vote, the candidate (EELV) of union of the left Daphné Raveneau followed the LR candidate Anne-Laure Blin (25%) in the first round.

But the right, which was divided in these cantons north of Saumur, has not let slip the seat of deputy since the beginnings of the Fifth Republic.

A PS-EELV duel in Val-de-Marne

In the ninth district of Val-de-Marne, third and last district where EELV presents a candidate, the game will not be easier for the head of the environmentalist list.

Last Sunday, Sandra Regol, number 2 of EELV, came in second, with 17.35% of the vote, behind the PS candidate Isabelle Santiago (33.74%), against a background of record abstention (87%) and of fratricidal wars on the left.

In the 5th district of Seine-Maritime, the socialist candidate Gérard Leseul is widely preferred after coming first in the first round, with nearly 40% of the vote.

He faces the RN candidate Jean-Cyril Montier (18.01%) to succeed Christophe Bouillon (PS), elected mayor of Barentin in May.

Ditto in the second constituency of Réunion.

With 52.15% of the vote, Karine Lebon (union of the lefts) came comfortably in the lead of the first round, ahead of the various right Audrey Fontaine (15.83%).

Only the abstention amounting to 84.85% deprived her of a victory in the first round.

Karine Lebon is supported by Huguette Bello, who resigned from the National Assembly after her election as mayor of Saint-Paul.


New victory for massive abstention in the first round of partial legislative elections


Pierre Person, number 2 of the party, resigns to create "an electric shock" after the partial legislative elections

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