Last Friday, North Korea, who was very sorry, said yesterday (27th) that it was sternly warning that our ships, who were searching for bodies, invaded their territorial waters.

It was said that if the body was found on its own, it was thought to be guided, but it is interpreted with the intention to draw a line for the further investigation and joint investigation we requested.

This is reporter Kim Hye-young.

<Reporter> This

is the North Korean position that came out yesterday in the form of a report by the Chosun Central News Agency.

The first thing that stands out is the part that implies the delivery of Mr. Lee's body.

By denying our judgment that the body was burned shortly after the attack, the possibility of a search for the body was opened.

Nevertheless, we were openly dissatisfied with our normal search activities.

He said our ships and ships had invaded North Korea's waters, and asked us to immediately stop the unauthorized invasion of the maritime military demarcation line.

He also mentioned the possibility of a conflict, saying it was foreshadowing an unsavory incident.

Since 1999, North Korea has attempted to neutralize the NLL, claiming a much wider area beyond the NLL as its own baseline.

As for North Korea, they showed their sincerity with the unusual apology of the top leader, but when the Blue House mentioned the need for additional investigations and joint investigations, it is analyzed that the old'territorial sea controversy' was drawn up and started to draw a line.

[Han-beom Cho/Senior Research Fellow, Korea Institute for National Unification: (North Korea) it seems that the possibility of accepting a neutral and objective investigation is a little slim.]

Although it is possible to take care of the body on its own, it is possible to carry out a joint investigation or, in particular, a South Korean field investigation It can be interpreted as expressing the intention to dismiss it.