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is estimated that the corona19 infection, which started in Wuhan, China, in December last year, killed 1 million people around the world in 9 months.

Of the 1 million cumulative deaths, the U.S. had the highest number of 209,000.

Reporter Choi Ho-won reports.

<Reporter> According to the

international statistics website World Omometer, the cumulative death toll of Corona 19 around the world has been counted to 1 million as of 6 am.

The death toll in the U.S. was over 209,000, making it the world's biggest victim.

It is followed by 145,000 in Brazil, 95,100 in India, and 76,200 in Mexico.

The U.S. CNN broadcast pointed out that the cumulative deaths of Americans with Corona 19 are more than those of the five major wars that the United States recently fought in Vietnam, Korea, Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Gulf War combined.

Korea is the 78th among 215 countries and territories in the world with 401 cumulative deaths.

The number of daily deaths worldwide soared to the 6,000 level again this month after 8,531 people died a day on April 17.

[Mike Ryan/World Health Organization Team Leader: (2 million dead) It's not impossible.

One million people have died in the past nine months, and we are looking into the situation as to whether a vaccine will be available in the next nine months.]

India is the most serious in the number of new cases prior to death.

With the collapse of the quarantine system, more than 80,000 patients are coming out a day.

In Europe, more than 11,000 patients a day in France, 7800 people in Russia, and 5600 additional patients in the UK.

Experts are also concerned about the possibility that the proliferation trend will go out of control, as countries are not engaged in strict quarantine unlike in the first pandemic earlier this year due to concerns about economic damage.