China News Service, September 27, reported that comprehensive U.S. media reported that on the morning of the 26th local time, members of the Iowa Motorcycle Club held a rally in a building with more than 100 people participating.

At least one person was killed and many others were injured in a shooting incident at the scene.

  According to reports, the police in Waterloo, Iowa, said that about 100 people held a rally in a building.

The police received a "shooting report" at around 3:17 on the 26th local time.

There seemed to be a "certain confrontation" at the scene, which intensified into a shooting incident.

  According to the National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Waterloo Police Chief Joel Fitzgerald (Joel Fitzgerald) said at a press conference that after the police arrived at the scene, they found about 12 people were injured or shot.

Many of the injured were taken to a nearby hospital.

  The Associated Press reported that police nearby heard gunfire and responded quickly.

One person was shot and killed.

  Fitzgerald said that the gathering was not authorized, and investigators are trying to determine who rented the building.

In addition, investigators are still trying to determine if there is more than one gunman, and no one has been arrested yet.