Lee Do-hoon, head of the Korean Peninsula Peace Bargaining Headquarters of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, said he will discuss the overall situation on the Korean Peninsula, including the recent murder of a maritime official in Yeonpyeong Island with US Deputy Secretary of State Stephen Biegan.

Headquarters Director Do-hoon Lee responded to the reporter's question on whether to discuss the murder of Yeonpyeong Island with the Minister of Vegan at Incheon International Airport before leaving for Washington, DC today (27th). ", "I will not make predictions about the future or the impact of inter-Korean relations," he responded cautiously.

"We are at a very important point in advancing the peace process on the Korean peninsula," Lee said. "I met with the Vegan representative to manage the current situation stably and resume dialogue. We plan to closely discuss how we will discuss and promote joint projects.”

Regarding the so-called'Oktober Surprise' possibility, Lee added, "It is a very sensitive and important time now. I will not predict any situation. However, I will be preparing for all possibilities."

It has been about three months since the 17th of June for the head of this headquarters to visit the United States for discussions with the North Korean nuclear leader.

Director Lee is planning to visit the US on a 3-night 4-day schedule from today to the 30th to meet with Vegan representatives to discuss the overall North Korean policy.

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's visit to Korea, expected in early October, is also expected to proceed.

(Photo = Yonhap News)