• Movies: The dramatic childhood of Joaquin Phoenix, the Joker

  • Relationships: Joaquin Phoenix and Rooney Mara, stars of 'Her', get engaged after three years together

Actors Joaquin Phoenix (45) and Rooney Mara (35) have been the parents of a child whom they have named

River after the actor's late brother.

The news was revealed by Viktor Kossakovsky, a film director and friend of the couple, at the Zurich Film Festival.

Kossakovsky is promoting the film 'Gunda' from the Phoenix is ​​producer.

The name chosen by the couple is a beautiful tribute to River Phoenix, brother of the protagonist of 'Joker' and also an actor, who

died of an overdose in the presence of his brother

when he was 23 years old.

The events took place on Halloween night in 1993. Joaquín Phoenix was at the Hollywood Viper Room nightclub when his brother River suffered an overdose.

Joaquín was precisely the one who

called 911 while

his sister Rain tried to revive River with CPR.

River later died in hospital.

A trauma that has haunted him throughout his life.

Joaquín was only 19 years old;

his brother had recently turned 23.

After this blow, he turned away from acting to later restart his career.

The circus that was set up around the death of his brother gave him a feeling of rejection towards Hollywood and the press.

Asked about the absence of Joaquin Phoenix in the promotion, Kossakovsky has excused him thus:

"He just had a baby, by the way, a beautiful son named River."

The actors' representatives have not confirmed the news.

Phoenix and Mara met while


Spike Jonze's

movie 'Her'

in 2013, but it wasn't until three years later that they met again on another movie, Mary Magdalene, in which Phoenix gave life to Jesus of Nazareth and her to her most famous disciple.

It was then that they began dating, although it took another year, until 2017, to see them pose for the first time together on a red carpet.

Despite their great discretion,

they are


longer very likely to be seen in public,

Joaquin confirmed that they live together in the exclusive Hollywood Hills area.

There they have created their nest of love, from which they do not like to leave.

So much so that one of his close friends has assured the aforementioned media that "they don't like going out. They mainly like to be together and alone. They are in their own bubble."

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