China News Service, September 27. According to the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), on the 27th, Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi died at the age of 40. The police initially judged that the cause of death might be suicide.

On the 27th, Japanese actress Yuko Takeuchi died.

Image source: Screenshot of NHK report

  According to reports, sources revealed that on the morning of the 27th local time, Takeuchi was found in her apartment in Shibuya District, Tokyo. She was already in a state of dying.

Subsequently, although Takeuchi was rushed to the hospital, he was confirmed dead by the hospital not long after.

  The Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department initially judged that Takeuchi's death might be suicide. The police are currently investigating the details of the case.

  According to reports, as a well-known Japanese actress, Takeuchi has appeared in many movies and TV dramas, and was named an outstanding actress at the Japan Film Academy Awards for his "Yellow Spring Road" and "Spring Snow".

In addition, he played the role of Tomoko Oishi in the movie "Midnight Ring", which is well known to the audience.