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Guillermo Díaz (42) is the deputy for Citizens in charge of waging the cultural war that divides the universe.

Although the statement is grandiose and despite the fact that the world is immersed in a profound health crisis due to the pandemic, there are

certain public debates that also occupy a large space

on political agendas. The culture war is living its darkest hours since, statues, books and movies have been turned into throwing weapons for a few months, movies

rude by sexists or racists, elements that for "the good of humanity" should be prohibited.

"It is generating a false debate whose consequences can be disastrous.

At any moment

Don Quixote

can be macho and you can find it prohibited. On the other hand, Almodóvar's films

because for some they can be amoral.

The culture war takes away from real debates of society and, on the other hand, prohibits freedom ", argues Díaz. Why has Guillermo Díaz been chosen by the party leadership to undertake this cultural task?

Perhaps one of the main reasons is that this 42-year-old from Malaga is linked to the world of Culture long before he was linked to politics.

"I have always worked in film exhibition. I have been a manager of large cinemas and

now I am on leave of absence from the management of the Albéniz cinema in Malaga."

In Spain, the blocks of this war would be represented on one side by PSOE-Unidas Podemos and on the other, by Vox.

According to Guillermo, from Ciudadanos it is simply proposed to

recover freedom

. The great debates that have arisen worldwide have also been installed in our country with indigenous peculiarities.

Without going any further, they even get to issues as important as the coronavirus.

"I am in the health commission and I have heard Vox call Covid-19 a virus of the Chinese communist party. Irene Montero said that in the face of the virus anti-fascist measures would have to be taken. This magical thinking feeds the theories of conspiracy and denialism.

This today it puts public health at risk. "

The deputy goes further: "Some are more comfortable speaking that Soros wants to destroy the world in a basement while stroking a cat and the others speaking that this is a conspiracy of capital. We are inspired by the concept of third culture of John Brockman, we think

science has to be in the public debate as well. "

Another recurrent issue is the civil war.

"The other day we heard a Vox spokeswoman say that they wanted to win now what they had lost on the battlefield. Being almost mediums of those who fought in the civil war is a parasitization of the pain of the past. We want to represent that third majority Spain that did not want to go to war. Claiming figures like Chaves Nogales in the world of journalism or General Batet.

Don't give me a choice between Franco or Companys.

Batet faced both, but no one talks about it, there are only two versions. "On the other hand, Díaz maintains that the debates that are generated are completely artificial, created to distract the gaze from what really matters.

"In the PSOE they are comfortable because they talk about other things that are not the management of the Government. The Civil War, the parental pin ... Iran will emerge new issues. I realized all this when they took out the parental pin to hide the appointment of Dolores Delgado as Attorney General of the State.

No one has spoken about it again, it

is a totally artificial issue. The culture war is a bargain for Iván Redondo. "

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Here I leave you the best voices in, perhaps, their best #HardRock and #HeavyMetal albums

A post shared by Guillermo Díaz (@guillermodiazcs) on Mar 17, 2018 at 1:11 PDT

Married and the father of a two-year-old boy, Guillermo worries that his son may not enjoy Culture as he has, for example,

heavy metal.

"The Puritan leagues tried to put an end to

heavy metal,

they would take away

the happiest moments of my life.

Are we the same now? I think that my son has to ask someone for permission to see a movie like



Gone with the Wind it took away

... I am horrified. I have a duty to protect the freedom of my son. "

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