Coronavirus: "Stay Open" manifesto against closing bars after 10 pm

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In France, hotels, restaurants and bars are heavily impacted by the Covid-19.

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To combat the spread of the coronavirus, the government has taken very strict measures.

This Sunday, September 27, the collective "Restons Open" called for a demonstration at Place des Invalides, in Paris, against the closing of bars near 10 p.m.


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They gathered at the Invalides, in Paris, to say stop and to defend a profession.

At the head of cafes, bars and breweries, a hundred professionals took to the streets to say stop to the sanctions that hit them

Pascal Ranger, who runs around forty breweries, gets annoyed: “ 

We are very angry!

I don't see why after 10 p.m. the coronavirus will arrive.


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But not like before

This incomprehension is shared by Frantz Arthur, young owner of a cocktail bar.


We're all there.

We do not know this virus, we are all ready to make an effort together and at the same time, but we really have the impression that it is double standards.

You can see yourself in shopping malls at several hundred thousand a day and in changing rooms where you take off your mask to see if the clothes fit on you.

Conversely, a bar starts to work at 10 p.m.

We make half of our turnover from 10 pm and there, we are closed without further form of trial.

We are really treated differently.


"In any case, people will consume"

For Florian Guéguan, of the “ 

Stay open

 ” collective, closing at 10 pm is unnecessary.


Either way, people will consume.

They will consume in a different way but they will consume.

Today, if it is for their "You do not go to bars", they will say "We will go to my place, in an apartment"

 ", he estimates.

These professionals express their concerns loud and clear and continue to mobilize to defend an entire sector of the French economy.

At the other end of France, in Marseille, customers were rare to enjoy a last drink before the restaurants and bars closed for two weeks on Sunday evening, in an atmosphere very refreshed by a strong mistral.


Among the very strict measures to fight against the spread of Covid-19, the Ministry of Health has banned all gatherings of 10 people in public places (parks, gardens, squares ...) In certain metropolises such as Bordeaux, Gironde , everyone has their point of view on this measure.

We cannot prevent people from meeting each other.

Coronavirus: measures against gatherings of more than 10 people seen from Bordeaux

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