Domestic pure electric motors gather in BBA to stage "Three Kingdoms Kill"

  The Beijing Auto Show has become a "battlefield" for auto companies, with domestically produced pure electric models of Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Audi in place, and BBA's competition in the pure electric vehicle market will intensify

  On September 26, the 2020 (sixteenth) Beijing International Automobile Exhibition ("Beijing Auto Show"), which was postponed for nearly half a year, officially opened.

Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, several major international auto shows such as Geneva, Detroit, and Paris have been cancelled or postponed. The Beijing Auto Show is also the first and only A-class international auto show held worldwide this year.

  With the theme of "Smartly Leading the Future", this year's Beijing Auto Show focused on displaying the latest innovations in the auto industry, as well as visions and strategic layouts for future travel; judging from the total number of vehicles on display, a total of 785 vehicles were displayed at this year's auto show.

  As one of the world’s only five A-class auto shows held in the world this year, the Beijing Auto Show, on the one hand, allows auto companies to gear up and become their “show ground”; on the other hand, it coincides with the last quarter of this year as the sprint for sales. The auto show has become a "battlefield."

As a German brand that has always attracted attention and has the top three luxury brands, it has staged an offensive and defensive battle at the Beijing Auto Show. Mercedes-Benz, Audi and BMW have even started the luxury electric competition.

Volkswagen goes out in full force: Defend the fuel market and attack the new energy market

  In the Chinese market, whether it is FAW-Volkswagen or SAIC Volkswagen that ultimately won the sales champion, it is Volkswagen that ultimately benefited. It can be said that the passenger car brand has been the sales champion in the Chinese market.

At this year's Beijing Auto Show, Volkswagen joined hands with the North and South "two brothers" SAIC-Volkswagen and FAW-Volkswagen, as well as imported Volkswagen, with full coverage of fuel and new energy power, covering market segments such as cars and SUVs.

  Standing at booth C are FAW-Volkswagen’s eighth-generation Golf and new digital golf and SAIC-Volkswagen’s Tiguan X, a high-end coupe SUV.

The new Digital Golf is Volkswagen's first model built on the MQB Evo platform in the world, with a pre-sale price of RMB 150,000 to RMB 165,000.

The new car is expected to be launched within this year.

  SAIC Volkswagen’s Tiguan X is based on SAIC Volkswagen’s best-selling SUV Tiguan. From the perspective of sales, the cumulative sales of Tiguan models from January to August this year were 93,908.

  In order to achieve profitability targets, Volkswagen is currently increasing sales of SUV models.

It is understood that the Volkswagen brand's SUV product lineup in China is the largest in the world. In addition, Volkswagen is also currently deploying the coupe SUV market. Previously, FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen have launched Tanyue X and Tourang X respectively.

  In the field of new energy vehicles, Volkswagen is also making efforts.

Touareg PHEV is the first new energy SUV model imported from Volkswagen.

In the hybrid market, Volkswagen has deployed Tiguan L PHEV, Passat PHEV, Tan Yue GTE, New Magotan GTE and other models.

  In the pure electric vehicle market, at the Beijing Auto Show, Volkswagen announced that its first pure electric SUV ID.4 will debut in China on October 22. This is also the second Volkswagen launched after ID.3. A pure electric vehicle based on the MEB pure electric platform.

ID.4 will derive two models in the Chinese market, which are the corresponding domestic versions launched by FAW-Volkswagen and SAIC Volkswagen.

  According to Volkswagen's plan, by 2028, the total number of pure electric vehicles sold globally will reach 22 million, of which more than half will come from China.

With the decline of domestic new energy vehicle subsidies, the new energy vehicle industry has gradually returned to market orientation, and competition has further intensified.

BBA domestic pure electric troika has been assembled, and "fighting" is intensifying

  From the perspective of sales, the importance of the Chinese market to Mercedes-Benz, BMW, and Audi is self-evident, as can be seen from the importance they attach to the Beijing Auto Show.

  At this Beijing Auto Show, Mercedes-Benz debuted with 24 models to show its determination to cultivate the Chinese market.

These include the new generation of E-class cars officially listed on the eve of the auto show, the first show of the auto show, the S-class sedan that is expected to be launched in the country in the first quarter of next year, the officially launched new generation of Mercedes-Benz V-class MPV, and the pure electric model Mercedes-Benz EQC. .

  Duan Jianjun, Chief Operating Officer of Sales and Marketing of Beijing Mercedes-Benz Sales and Service Co., Ltd. said, “The broad product line from SUV to MPV, from internal combustion engine to electric vehicle, meets the personalized travel needs of Chinese customers in various market segments. ; A total of 18 new models will be launched in the Chinese market this year."

  According to Mercedes-Benz’s plan in the Chinese market, Beijing Benz has now become Daimler’s world’s first manufacturing base with three platforms for front-drive, rear-drive, and electric vehicles, as well as an engine and power battery plant; in November last year, The official launch of Beijing Benz EQC pure electric SUV also means that EQC has completed the localization layout.

  BMW made the world premiere of the all-new BMW M3 and all-new BMW M4 models at the Beijing Auto Show. In addition, it also brought the innovative pure electric BMW iX3, pure electric BMW i4 concept car and BMW i3 Urban Suite urban mobility concept car that were officially unveiled for the first time. , Many of which are new energy vehicles.

  The BMW i4 concept car is the first pure electric four-door coupe concept car of the BMW Group. The new curved display screen grouping form is a sign of BMW's entry into the future electric digital era. The car will be put into production at BMW's Munich plant in 2021.

The innovative pure electric BMW iX3 made its debut at the BMW Brilliance Shenyang plant earlier this month and started pre-sales.

The BMW Group said, “The innovative pure electric BMW iX3 is the first pure electric SAV model under the BMW Group. It is produced in China and sold globally. The BMW iX3 marks the beginning of a new decade for us in China, and at the same time, it also opens up pure electric Rapid expansion of the model array."

  Shao Bin, President of BMW (China) Automobile Trading Co., Ltd., said in an interview with a reporter from the Beijing News, “This year, the BMW Group continues to promote the product offensive with 17 products. In terms of electrification, BMW’s offensive in the next few years has been clear. , 5 series and X1 will have pure electric products, and BMW will have more and more products in the process of electrification in the future."

  Compared with BMW and Mercedes-Benz, which already have domestically produced models in the domestic new energy vehicle market, the Audi e-tron, which competes in the Chinese market as an import, has always had a certain disadvantage in terms of terminal cost performance.

  At this Beijing Auto Show, the domestically produced Audi e-tron with FAW Audi on the tail was officially unveiled. It is reported that this car has officially rolled off the FAW-Volkswagen Changchun plant; Audi e-tron's derivative model Audi e-tron Sportback also Debut together.

The launch of the domestically produced Audi e-tron means that the BBA domestically produced pure electric vehicle is in place, and the competition among the top three in the pure electric vehicle market will also intensify.

  In addition, the first Audi Q4e-tron concept car, the first Audi electric model developed on the MEB platform, completed its Asian debut at the Beijing Auto Show, and the Audi Q5LSportback, which was specially built for Chinese customers, completed its world premiere at the Beijing Auto Show.

It is reported that in 2022, Audi will work with its FAW Group to realize the localized production of Audi Q4e-tron.

  In an interview with the Beijing News reporter, Audi China President An Shihao said, “Next, Audi will create China’s electric vehicle ecosystem for electric vehicles. At this level, it will promote more substantive cooperation. The first is to develop electric products. The localization of the brand e-tron, another point is to create a convenient charging infrastructure.” In addition, Audi revealed that by 2022, Audi and FAW-Volkswagen will increase the number of localized production models to 12; by the end of 2021, in addition to the existing In addition to electrified models, Audi will also launch 6 electric models in China.

  For auto companies that have been poised for nearly a year, the Beijing Auto Show is the best place to showcase the results of these 9 months, and it has also become a training ground for its competition; the German system has always had a remarkable sales performance in the Chinese market. The brand was unveiled in a blooming posture, creating new sparks of competition.

  Beijing News reporter Wang Linlin