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A 55-year-old man died on Friday evening at a place called La Rouillais, in Marsac-sur-Don, near Guéméné-Penfao, in Loire-Atlantique, firefighters report.

The agricultural vehicle accidentally overturned in a ditch, according to the first elements of the gendarmerie investigation.

The man, a 55-year-old carpenter residing in Marsac-sur-Don, died at the scene of the accident "despite the rapid intervention of the emergency services".

The thesis of discomfort is favored by the gendarmerie, according to

L'Eclaireur de Châteaubriant


"The person would have been unbalanced and would have gone under the tractor," said Captain Gilles Maurer, commander of the Châteaubriant gendarmerie company, to the weekly Loire.


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