North Korea has warned us not to invade the North Korean territorial waters about the process of searching for the bodies of officials.

It seems that it has drawn a line that there is no intention of responding to the request for further investigation by the Blue House by bringing back the issue of the maritime military demarcation line in the past.

Reporter Kim Hye-young reports.


This is a report from the Chosun Central News on the morning of today (27th).

Since then, the South has claimed that they have been invading their waters by mobilizing numerous ships and ships to search.

He warned that such actions are foreshadowing another unsavory incident and to immediately stop trespassing on the West Sea Maritime Military Demarcation Line.

They said they were searching in the southwest waters and were thinking of taking over the body if they got it, but they emphasized that their invasion of the territorial waters could never be overlooked.

One day after the Blue House asked North Korea for further investigations and joint inter-Korean investigations if necessary, the North Koreans actually laid out their position, and at the same time, the normal search of our side was defined as a territorial invasion according to their standards .

We use the NLL, which is the actual inter-Korean maritime boundary line, but North Korea maintains the position that the sea near Yeonpyeong Island is North Korean waters based on the 1999 West Sea Maritime Military Demarcation Line.

As we bring out the past baseline controversy, some analyzes say that the intention is not to raise issues with North Korea anymore.