Regarding the death of an official in the West Sea, the South Korean government requested a joint investigation and restoration of military communication lines to North Korea yesterday (27th).

On Friday, it said North Korea's prompt apology and promise to prevent a recurrence were positively appreciated.

Reporter Jung Kyung-yoon reports.

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government said it first of all positively appreciates North Korea's prompt apology and promises to prevent recurrence.

At the same time, the North and the South asked North Korea to conduct a joint investigation in order to find out the truth of the case as soon as possible.

[Seo Seok/Cheong Wa Dae 1st Deputy Director of National Security Office: Since there are differences in the case history and factual relations identified by the South and North Korea, we request a joint investigation to investigate the facts as soon as possible.

I hope that (South and North Korea) will reveal the facts together with an open attitude.]


, we

also requested to restore and restart military communication lines for inter-Korean communication, discussion, and information exchange.

Regarding the recovery of the body and belongings of a dead public official, Mr. Lee Mo, the two Koreas asked for a search in each sea area and exchange of necessary information.

Previously, North Korea drew a line for a joint investigation between the two Koreas through the Chosun Central News Agency, but the Korean government officially requested this from North Korea.

The government is placing considerable weight on the necessity of a joint inter-Korean investigation into this incident, and hopes that it will lead to an opportunity for inter-Korean communication is read.

It is unclear whether North Korea will accept the joint investigation of the incident between the two Koreas as it is unprecedented, but there is an atmosphere at the Blue House that it is meaningful just for North Korea to conduct its own investigation or exchange information with the Korean government.