Protesters protesting a decision to prosecute a white policeman who shot a black woman Breona Taylor took over the Brooklyn Bridge, one of New York's symbols.

CNN reported that hundreds of protesters gathered at Barkley, Brooklyn, New York, at around 9 pm on the eve of the 27th (local time) entered the Brooklyn Bridge and headed toward Manhattan.

Protesters rejected the police's order to disband and confronted them on the Brooklyn Bridge for over an hour.

Because of this, the lane on the Brooklyn Bridge towards Manhattan was also controlled for over an hour.

Twelve people were arrested in protests in Greenwich Village, New York.

In Seattle, police arrested 10 demonstrators for violent protests.

In Louisville, Kentucky, where Taylor's death occurred, despite a curfew, late-night protests continued for the fourth day, and more than 25 people were arrested.

Earlier, the Kentucky Grand Jury drew a backlash from the black community because the police officers who shot and killed Taylor sleeping at home were self-defense.

(Photo = Stevie Nix Twitter capture, Yonhap News)