Chef Yves Camdeborde never misses an opportunity to use a mortar and pestle, two utensils often neglected by Western cuisine.

In "La Table des bons vivants", he takes the opportunity to give us the recipe for a seasonal marmalade, to be made in "two minutes".

It is one of the oldest kitchen utensils there is: the mortar and its pestle.

Still very widely used in African and Asian kitchens, they are however rarer in Western cupboards.


La table des bons vivants

, Laurent Mariotte's show on Europe 1, chef Yves Camdeborde, champion of bistro cuisine, wanted to put them back in the spotlight.

"I like this utensil because today, in the 21st century, we are always in a hurry. But with a mortar, you have to take your time!", He explains mischievously.

Used to crush food, the mortar and pestle are generally used in the preparation of certain sauces, such as pesto.

Unlike blending, grinding allows a better release of the essential oils contained in the basil leaves.

"The mortar makes it possible to mix ingredients, to crush them, to release their flavors, their juices. They mix with each other while respecting each other", underlines the former juror of



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For your preparations, choose a stone mortar: "They have a good mass and a good base. As long as you are going to mix, press on it, it allows to have a good hold", indicates Yves Camdeborde.

Another tip: "Having a well-glazed mortar, which comes out of the fridge, allows you to preserve the color of the grass you are about to grind."

The mortar and pestle allow ingredients to be crushed without harming their flavor, unlike mixing.

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A dessert in "two minutes", using the mortar and pestle

To illustrate his point, Yves Camdeborde invites you to make, on his advice, in just a few minutes, a fresh fruit marmalade.

Simple, and terribly tasty:

Your ingredients:

- A handful of strawberries

- A handful of raspberries

- A handful of figs

- A few pink berries

- Lemon peel

- Coriander

- Olive oil

The preparation :

Crush the lemon peel in your mortar.

Add the fruits, a dash of olive oil, a touch of coriander and the berries.


"In two minutes, I have a marmalade made from seasonal fruits, fragrant and with structure", assures Yves Camdeborde. 

We recommend that you place it on yogurt or a panacotta.

Or simply taste it with a spoon!