The Tuesday after Midsummer in 2018 in the Rautaharko area of ​​Tampere in the Keisala family went like any normal everyday life.

Henry Keisala, 37, returned home from work.

The mother-in-law was in the village.

After coffee, the athletic man decided to go for a jog.

What happened next is far from normal.

The Keisala’s recollections of the afternoon’s events end when he tied his sneakers to his feet when he left.

Moments later, he was found near home seriously injured.

- A neighbor found me in the middle of the road on the home street and I had two fist-sized patties on my head.

I had apparently been somehow conscious, but terribly confused, I hadn’t been able to talk anything, Keisala times a shocking day.

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The Emperor was quickly rushed from the street to the hospital.

Henry had received a severe blow to his head in the middle of the run, causing him to lose his memory and suffer a serious brain injury.

Keisala's first hospital stay lasted three weeks. Photo: Henry Keisala's home album

For the first few weeks, Keisala went completely in the dark, not knowing anything about his serious situation.

Because of the hard blow, Keisala's brain had moved two cents inside the skull to the right.

The concussion caused cerebral hemorrhage and brain swelling.

Because of the swelling, half of the skull had to be removed from Henry to make room for the brain.

Later, half of the skull was built of bioglass.

- That's when a doctor told me at the beginning that if I had been an older person or in worse shape, the story would have ended there.

The doctor wondered if I came in from the door with my own feet.

It has been that serious place.

In the fall of 2018, Henry Keisala looked wild when a large part of the skull was missing.

During the repair surgery, his skull was repaired with bioglass.Photo: Henry Keisala's home album

What happened on the fatal run is still a complete mystery more than two years later.

Police investigated the incident as an assault, but the investigation was suspended in April 2019.

- This is completely dark.

All possible investigative measures have been taken here, including talking to the neighborhood, but no clarification has been received, says Criminal Commissioner Jari Kinnunen from the Inland Finland Police.

Nor have any suspected factors been found in just over two years.

- It's very unlikely and strange that nothing will happen.

Usually people are on the move and people see and sign up through media awakenings.

Nothing has come of this that could be seized, Kinnunen says.

The bad surgical wound was closed with metal hooks. Photo: Henry Keisala's home album

Based on the injuries, the doctors are certain that Keisala was specifically targeted during the run.

- I've talked to the doctors so many times, and they have told us that that kind of injury does not cause any other way than the external force and specifically misconduct, Keisala says.

The time between putting on running shoes and waking up from the hospital is still completely dark for Keisala.

- It's such a mystery when there are no observations.

Now that I've done on my own walks in this neighborhood, so I have from time to time it is hoped that someone should be a moment that I'd remember what has happened, but did not.

The life of an active man has changed with what has happened.

“Before, I was a damn active and lively person, but yes it has forced me to stop and think about things.” Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

The Emperor still wants to believe that the case will survive.

- I mean of course I would like that it will survive, but I have been wondering and without placing any hope, because there is no longer anything left for what happened can.

It will survive or not, then it will not change my situation for any reason.

Keisala has promised a cash reward that will seem like a crucial tip.

The Emperor continues to undergo regular therapy to dispel feelings of anger.

“Last year, it was hard to constantly compare to what I was before the injury.

At some level, it can already be accepted and learns to live with them. ”Photo: Kalle Parkkinen


Keisala has had to struggle with it all days after the shocking event.

- Yes, it will undoubtedly fuck quite satanically when it comes to mind.

However, with the help of a good therapist and loved ones, anger gradually eases.

- The feeling of anger has eased on some level, but it is still under work.

I have tried to be wondering about the whole thing, because it would be easy to become bitter anger and brood.

It doesn't change what happened for any reason.

It has happened and it is clear.

Keisala, on the other hand, has not felt fear.

- I have no fears.

Mainly it is so that I am prepared, if I move over there, that no man go without my past, that I know how close or what position it goes.

Then it’s even more pronounced if I have a daughter involved.

The events of the fateful day of June further complicate Keisala's daily life.

Epilepsy became a by-product of severe brain injury.

The most recent epileptic seizure came in July.

The scar under the hair reminds me of a shocking experience. Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

In addition to epilepsy, Keisala suffers from balance problems, half-differences in the upper and lower limbs, severe headaches, and memory problems.

- The single biggest thing left of that is fatigue.

It’s kind of deadly fatigue.

Fatigue feels as if the curtain is lowered in front of the eyes.

Despite the fatigue, Keisala conscientiously follows the training program given by the physiotherapist.

- I can't run because the vibration in my head feels really uncomfortable.

But I go for walks and do a variety of exercises as directed by a physiotherapist.

At least it's not about your own motivation.

Despite the hard training, Keisala may have to accept that some of the injuries have come to stay.

- That injury of mine is so serious that it's a small miracle that I can talk sensibly here and even walk back here.

The life values ​​of the Imperial became partly new after the event.

“All you have to do is forget those certain goals in life and then focus on those other little good things.” Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

In the midst of tough times, Keisala has drawn strength from her family and close friends.

- My family, mother, siblings and wife and especially that little 2-year-old Isla girl have helped me cope.

The girl has been the biggest motivator that I want to be as normal a father as I can be.

The 2-year-old daughter is Henry Keisala's eyeball. Photo: Henry Keisala's home album

There were moments when thoughts turned black.

- Yes, sometimes I honestly thought that it would have been better and easier to stay in it.

But then again, I look at that little dick that vibrates there, then there’s a bit of a bad conscience that’s even somewhere thought so.

Keisala cannot say anything about her future plans yet.

“I would like to be involved in something other than family life.

But it's still difficult to set a goal when you don't know what your own destiny is. ”Photo: Kalle Parkkinen

Keisala knows that if the injury is difficult for him, it is also for those close to him.

- For my spouse, this may have been even more terrible than for me.

I don’t know anything about those most difficult moments, but he’s had to live through them all.

Whether that other one comes off under the sheet or what happens.