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September 26, 2020The appointment of annual alternates by the territorial school offices will be completed by next week. Then it will be necessary to appoint the so-called 'Covid staff', which is additional staff - teaching, technical and auxiliary - on a fixed-term basis, to ensure distancing and co-presence, especially in kindergarten and primary school, and which will be appointed by school managers . This is what we learn from the Ministry of Education - writes Ansa. The unions, however, contest this reconstruction: so far less than 50% of precarious staff have been appointed for the CISL and it is late compared to previous years. 

Azzolina, welfare and nursery schools the minimum for mothers

"The Recovery fund provides for investments in nursery schools because it is clear that if a woman must guarantee herself the opportunity to work, as it should be, but also the right to have a family , the state must give that welfare and nursery schools are the minimum wage ". This was stated by the Minister of Education Lucia Azzolina, at the Palacongressi in Agrigento, where she is speaking at the national conference of Fidapa and where she receives an award.   

"The role of women in the country must be valued - explained Azzolina -. At the moment there are men and women who do the same job but who earn different salaries, women raise their children, together with fathers, work and do many sacrifices. Not to mention all the violence, both physical and verbal, against women. I am here also for this, to give a witness and to say that the school has a fundamental role in teaching our students that it takes a lot respect for women ". 

Cisl, to support 21 thousand places, only 1,657 hired

"Today in the streets with families; it will be an important part of a path that we intend to continue to share our concerns and promote actions with the many associations and networks that do not exist today but that we know they showed a lot of interest in the school and its many problems. Today I would dedicate this day to the families of disabled people who hoped to find a glimmer of normality with the reopening of the schools. Unfortunately it is not so! ". The secretary of the CISL school Maddalena Gissi says this and provides these numbers: 259,757 disabled people attend our schools and for them there are almost 200,000 teachers, 52% are precarious. "In these days, between delays and wrong provincial rankings, the most fragile suffer even more.

In a Covid year, ideology has won over common sense and sensitivity. We think about selective forms of recruitment to appear as the holders of the quality but in the meantime we neglect the real problems of those who live in a condition of suffering that cannot be exacerbated by political indifference ", Gissi continues, according to which out of 21,000 vacant positions, it was possible to hire only 1,657 units, all for lack of candidates. "And this story will continue in the coming years in the indolence of many who do not look to schools as a place of citizenship but as a cost center. We have been saying this for some time: the recruitment and the match of staff must have interlocutors interested in the future and more committed to the in the face of sustainable and close reforms, there are problems for families and students ", he concludes. 

In mid-October extraordinary competition The extraordinary

competition for secondary school for the recruitment of temporary workers who have been working as teachers for a long time will most likely take place in mid-October. For next Monday the unions have been summoned by the Ministry of Education for information. The applications presented are over 60 thousand, the places available 32 thousand in three years. Meanwhile, in 2021, according to some calculations, 50,000 school retirements are expected.

In Rome today the Priority to School demonstration

To ask for a school that guarantees safety, presence and continuity, in which Distance Learning is exclusively an emergency tool, today 30 Italian cities are in Rome students, students, teachers, educators, educators and parents. The most important trade unions CISL, Cobas, FLC CGIL, Gilda, Snals and Uil joined the event, called by the Priority School Committee, born spontaneously from parents, teachers and students in the months of lockdown.