“The Russian Defense Ministry is generally pursuing a very open policy,” he said.

Gerasimov noted that the strategic exercises "Kavkaz-2020" were announced at the board of the Ministry of Defense in December 2019.

According to him, ten days before the start of the exercises, Deputy Defense Minister Alexander Fomin held a briefing with military attachés of other countries and told them about the goals, objectives, and composition of the exercises.

“We have notified the OSCE, notified the United States and other NATO countries.

We invited all attachés to the exercises, held a briefing with them.

How much more openness? "

- he declared.

At the same time, Gerasimov added that the Russian side does not see the same actions on the part of the United States and its NATO partners.

Gerasimov also commented on the flights of NATO aircraft near the borders of Russia.