China News Service, Paris, September 26 (Reporter Li Yang) September 26 is the first anniversary of the death of former French President Chirac, and France commemorates it in various ways.

  The reporter saw at Chirac’s tomb in Paris that day. Although the number of people coming to the cemetery has been greatly reduced due to the impact of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, people still come to Chirac’s tomb from time to time.

  Chirac’s tomb is simple and solemn, with the words "Jacques Chirac 1932-2019" engraved on the tombstone, indicating the year of Chirac’s birth and death.

Chirac’s tomb is already full of flowers.

  French President Macron said via social media that Chirac left us a year ago and we will never forget what he did for France.

French Prime Minister Castel also paid tribute to Chirac through social media.

  Due to the epidemic, the commemoration of the first anniversary of Chirac’s death had to be simplified.

The more important official commemoration is the memorial ceremony held by the National Assembly this week.

The Speaker of the National Assembly, Ferrand, spoke highly of Chirac.

The National Assembly has also customized a seat nameplate for Chirac, which is engraved on the two positions that Chirac once held: the president and a member of the National Assembly.

  It is reported that Chirac’s relatives held a commemorative event at the Saint-Gervais church in central Paris on the evening of the 25th.

Affected by the epidemic, the activity is relatively small.

  France issued a set of stamps commemorating the first anniversary of Chirac's death on the 26th.

The stamp is a smiling image of Chirac, with the French flag as the background.

The Paris Mint launched two commemorative silver coins on the first anniversary of Chirac's death.

The two silver coins have the same pattern, with Chirac’s head on the front, and the inscription and face value of the French Republic printed on the back.

  Chirac was born on November 29, 1932. He was a member of the French National Assembly, the mayor of Paris, and the French prime minister.

Chirac was elected President of France in 1995, re-elected as President in 2002, and stepped down in 2007.

Chirac has a special liking for Chinese culture and visited China many times during his presidency.

Chirac passed away on September 26, 2019, at the age of 86.